5 Ways to Use Shock to Attract More Fitness Clients #300

#300 If you want to attract more fitness clients you’ve got to get their attention. Talking about more sleep, drinking more water, and walking are probably not enough. Not unless you do something silly and out of the ordinary. If you’re a little shy or more reserved, then here’s a smaller step for you to take. 

Surprise or shock by agreeing with on something they would have sworn you’d never say.

Tell them Quick Fixes Do Work

            A good night’s sleep leads to better concentration and better cognitive health. Cortisol improves and cravings decrease. So, something as simple as going to bed an hour earlier can change things dramatically. 

            According to webmd.com dehydration leads to higher heart rate and low blood pressure and drinking water can even things out in 15-20 minutes

            Petting a dog reduces cortisol levels. (They never met my dog). According to hopkinsmedicine.org it does so my increasing the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin and cortisol can’t both be elevated. Other things that kick up oxytocin are hugging, cuddling, and you guessed it, going all the way. 

      According to uchealth.org, breathing in and out deeply slows the heartrate, decreases or stabilizes blood pressure, and reduces cortisol. That’s a great opportunity to tell someone about why they may not have lost weight the last time they tried. If cortisol is high, it’s like a road block. Even if you’ve got a Ferarri under there it’s not getting through a roadblock. That’s an opening for an opportunity about your yoga session, your meditation, or before following the meal plan you made them… or just being reminded of breathing in and out during a training session… with you.

One more way to attract more fitness clients this year….

Prove Diets Do Work

            You can find someone within arm’s length who has lost weight from a diet. You can also find statistics online to prove the diet industry is worth $71 billion dollars (cnbc.com). The weight loss works. The problem is… the weight or regain works better. 

And that’s how you get their attention… and then go on for the teachable moment. You get into the science and share information, with a little humor, and a little science. Just bit by bit creating these openings where new people may be attracted because you share things in a new way. 

It’s great to have a voice, and it’s great to break from it sometimes too. 

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There you have it…. easy ways to attract more fitness clients this year.

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