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The winner of this year’s Fitness Program of the Year has something to say…to you. is her website. She has posted some tips and treasures. You may have done them and you may find a nugget that helps you gain some ground.

I’m suggesting that as much as you pay attention to her literal suggestions on action steps for you……that you pay attention to how she marketed herself following the August World IDEA where she won her award.

I’ve now had two 8 x 5.5 direct mail pieces in my mailbox. My guess is that went out to the entire list of IDEA members- at the least- potentially more. It might have included the ACE certified professionals list. The piece and the mail list access were an investment. But she had timing to capitalize on. Next year she won’t be “news.” She’ll always have the title- but now is the time.

She featured a photo of herself with Peter and Kathie Davis whom many of us will recognize and pay attention. She included a quote on the direct mail piece about the exact thing she wanted to market- she wants to become your sales and marketing guru and resource so she’s included a quote from someone who said that she was just that!

She also made some mistakes. The first direct mail piece seemed to be ahead of her development of content on her website. She didn’t come up quickly, her business name is too like several others. And she didn’t have a direct offer that was easy to act upon. Her second includes a more clear call-to-action yet I think that her website is only listed once and in very small print, not easy to find and not a flowing layout that causes your eyes to land on the website in order to make you want to go there.

Learn from those mistakes and make your marketing pieces strong. When you wet someone’s appetite they want to eat ….now- but if you made me hungry and I can’t get what you have, I’m going to eat…and I’ll just search for the same content somewhere else where it comes up fast and is served friendly.

Our clients have too much choice right now for you to be hard to find. They’re lazy, most of Americans, and we want you to have great customer service from the very beginning- including finding your site, navigating on your site and getting what we want….yesterday!

Timing is everything. In three weeks you’re going to have people looking….start now and get ahead of the curve. Make sure your holiday card is there when they take down the decorations. Your generous discount on their next service reminds them to call to get started before it expires.

Get going! These are the holiday cards you need to write!



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