Do You Share the Traits of Successful Fitness Owners

The Most Successful People in Business, Health, Relationships Have These Things In Common:

  • They ask more questions.
  • They admit to not having the answers.
  • They take more notes.
  • They read more books.
  • They take more courses.
  • They have a desire to be the best.
  • They have a desire to lead others.
  • They are the one individual most disappointed when they don’t reach their goal.
  • Money was never the game.
  • They realize others winning does not mean that they lose: it takes a village.


If you’re a fitness professional who has made yourself successful such that you have no time, no energy, and you’re working 10 and 12 hours a day but see no end in sight or…

you’re a trainer just getting started in a world full of choices and competition for your customer’s time, energy, and money

…I’ve got you covered.

The small group mastermind will give you the insight I’ve gained repeating three times in three different situations successful building of a personal training business with the right marketing message to the right person at the right time.

Something about YOU is unique and is worth leveraging. We’re going to find it, use it, and connect you with individuals who will find you irresistible.

We’re only going to do that once we have a model for a business that gives you freedom, time and energy back so that you don’t have to work it 24/7 or close and spend the rest of your time recovering so you can go do it again.

Trainers brag about how well they’ve done. Except for the fact they aren’t enjoying a life unless they’re on vacation. They can’t do that but on a limited basis because they aren’t earning money when that’s happening and they are incurring expenses. Sound familiar?

Let’s do something about it. 

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