Serving Older Adults? Free Two-Day Summit with International Experts is a Must-see

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Two Day Summit For the After 45 Crowd Gives You Clues To Solve the Older Adult Attraction Mystery

It’s called Transformaging and it’s hard to say but easy to see why you want to be there. The older adult marketing controls the most consumer dollars and will for decades ahead. If you’re not actively improving your service, knowledge and outreach you must not like making money or helping people.

Bah! I know that’s not true.

Here’s what you just may be doing though…

…letting them come to you instead of changing your programs to serve them better

…forgetting that among them there are five ability levels

…not knowing how to reach the four levels of interest

…and not realizing that two mindsets are both clients you want to work with but take two sets of skills

If you want to know more about….

….helping 45+ women deal with hormones

….resistance training that is simple and not overwhelming

….the real functional exercise and how to sell it

…. supplements and skin care for women who want to grow older but not look it (and why not YOU give that information to clients?)

…. helping them start or re-start when they doubt it will work this time either

…. how an international association founder motivates world wide audiences

Then register. It’s free. There’s not a catch…other than you can get recordings if you can’t make it for super low prices if you later decide.

Got a houseful of boomers? Whether your answer is “yes” or “no” you want to be here. It’s targeted at boomers…how could you take these ideas and plug them in at home? Exactly. Look over our shoulders, and steal our stuff.


Planning to attend? Questions? Let me know.

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