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SEO for Fitness Businesses: Are you Findable?

SEO for fitness is not a sexy topic compared to fat burning, health coaching, and cooking classes. Without it though you will be missed by those customers who want your services. Why waste time thinking about your logo, colors, and the words on your pages if you don’t optimize your “findability” factor?

This episode is all about how to make you the one they find when they’re looking for answers.

And they are looking. There’s proof everywhere that SEO can be powerful if it’s done right. There’s good news in this episode. If you’re a heart-centered fitness pro you’ll like the path to better SEO for fitness businesses.

My guest is Alec Gorjestani, an engineer who has been writing all kinds of software for 16 years. From automated vehicles to mobile to web software, he likes to build things. His wife is a Zumba instructor so he’s got an inside glimpse at what fitness pros do like to focus on. Alec runs a business and understands the unfun tasks that are required to run a business and help people find wellness options they’re looking for. He’s committed to helping you do just that.

Here’s what Fitness Pros Need to Know About SEO.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • Is S.E.O. dead?
  • What is it?
  • How can a fitness pro organically increase SEO?
  • How are many websites overlooking simple things they can do to support SEO?
  • What are the next level steps in SEO for fitness businesses?
  • What questions should a business owner be asking developers or tech staff? (that they don’t know to ask) – Alec gave three tips! Don’t miss those!
  • Where should you be looking to know how well you’re doing with SEO for fitness?

Fitness Pro Tip: Google Search Console

  • How long does it take, given the SEO for fitness tips are implemented, to see a boost in SEO?

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