Selling Yourself, Personal Trainer, to Sell the Client

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I don’t know sometimes who needs to hear this more.

If a client has an issue and you know you could help them do you believe that you have the responsibility to try?

You should be shouting, “yes”!!

What if you went to a dentist appointment and the dentist identified a cavity but neglected to tell you about it because he thought you’d be upset about spending the additional money?

In truth, wouldn’t you be more upset when it became more painful and caused more potential damage ? Wouldn’t you be wondering how your dentist could have missed that? Of course you would. You expect your dentist to catch those things- or to put something “on watch” if you have receding gums right?

And if your financial planner knew that you were planning to make an investment that was a bad risk for you given your goals and status, wouldn’t you expect that she save you from losing money and making a bad decision? Of course you would! If she didn’t say something you’d begin to lose trust in her and wonder if you were in good hands.

As a personal trainer, you have the same responsibility. Believe in yourself! You have the responsibility if you see how you can help, to make sure that people don’t knowingly make poor choices with exercise, that they make the optimal choices with their limited exercise time and the nutrition options they have control over.

True, they may not take your advice. But you have integrity and you have done your job if you state your case and give them the facts and find a solution for them that fits their needs, their budget and their goals.

Don’t hold back. Give everything you have generously and it will come back to you.

Make certain first, you have no doubts about yourself and the advice you’re giving. Then do the job you love.

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