Selling Summer Fitness

Are you launching your summer camps, kids fitness programs, bikini bootcamps? If not, it’s time!  June and July can either be slower because of vacations and warm weather that keep people outside and out of your buildings or they can boom because you’ve got creative programs that get people out of doors and ready for adventures on bikes and runs and events.

You don’t have a lot of time to plan, market and advertise if you’re not ready now. That time has passed, but there may be a market or two you’re missing that buys you a little time.

Teachers are just beginning to get their schedules cleared and are ready for the right package. Corporations may be ripe for lunch and learns that create energy in the environment indoors at work. What can you package to reach these groups?

How can you contact them? Schools often have teacher’s email addresses posted on their website. Corporations will lead you to human resources that might bet you to a decision maker who will book you for a presentation onsite for a lunch hour that won’t take a great deal of time away from work for employees. Do it for free; it will be worth it.

What do you have to offer a teacher? Someone who needs energy, creativity, and has long hours but values routine and respects homework?

What message do business people need? How to set up their desk stations properly? How to relief low back pain? How to eat well at work?

Put together a proposal;  a cover letter, a handout, a package for those interested after the presentation.

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