Selling Personal Training Socially

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Are you friends on facebook? Are you tweeting as you set up the room for bootcamp? Are you Linked-In about your upcoming continuing education workshops?

Get going. You’re going to be all thumbs today for your personal workout. First things first: if you’re not operating  a facebook page yet for your business, get it going! Likewise with Twitter and Linked-In.

As an example….random acts of business happen when you do! Yesterday I spent 10 minutes adding a few connections to my Linked In account (think of it as taking a daily vitamin). Two hours later I had a phone call from someone who I’d requested a connection with (already in my address book- it wasn’t a stranger). She had been thinking about getting started again and the prompt reminded her. Could I set her up with a trainer and and an appointment for next week to get started?

Simple. But random.

So while that’s nice, controlling some outcome would be even better! What’s coming up in your business or facility? Fathers Day for sure right? And you have a package in place already for Dad I hope.

So take the cue from Sherri McMillan a much respected pro in our industry, who shot out a “oh no you didn’t” attention-getting email the day or two before Mother’s Day about a way to get a gift certificate or take advantage of a Mom’s Day special conveniently by phone or via an online purchase.

“Don’t forget Dad! Father’s Day three session gift certificates $120. Call now to pick up, or have it sent via email to you!”

or “It’s not too late! Online gift certificates and packages available at www. you get the”

And of course leave your phone number.

The Groupon phenomena has boomed- people want to get a special- we respond to urgency and don’t we all leave Dad’s day gifts to the last minute waiting for the great idea??

Start with whatever means you have- email blast if that’s as far as your social network skills are right now. Text the message. Ask everyone to forward.

Then put taking one more baby step in social networking on your task list for every day!

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