Selling In The New Year

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Are you counting on a successful January, just because its January? What  if it could be even better? Changing your mindset about selling is more than half the battle. Customers don’t actually want to be sold, they want to buy. There are some who’d say you can “sell without selling.” I’m not one of them. I think we all sell all the time. If you can identify the real reasons a client wants to buy, not the logical reasons, the real reasons, you can idenfity the words to say and the buttons to push.

That isn’t manipulation. That is helping them get what they want buy helping them tell you in their words why it’s important to them. A client isn’t going to walk in and say “I want to lose weight so that I be more attractive to my spouse again.” Yet, that  might in fact be the motivation. If you know what they want you can help them get it.

If you focus on what you think is logical, what they need, they will in fact most often nod their head at you and agree but tell you they have to think about it or “not right now.” Same service, same professional, different outcome. Listen for how you can reframe your sales thoughts and sell more personal training in 2014. 

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