Selling Fitness with Lead Management

You’ve been generating leads for two weeks. It’s time now to make sure that you have done something with those leads.

Organization is the name of the game.

This is also where you can lose a lot of potentially already excited people because they don’t hear from you; soon enough, consistently enough, or with the right call-to-action to move your relationship forward.

Soon enough: if you got their lead in your hand, call them in 24-48 hours at most. Document when and what you did. If you’re using a three round calling system, you’d call once, twice and then third time you miss them during the same day you would leave a more detailed message for them to move forward. “Hi, this is Debra from Ames Racquet & Fitness Center! You won a complimentary personal training session and I’d love to schedule that for you. You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx and let me know what days and times are good for you. I looking forward to talking about your goals and putting together a plan to get you there! Call xxx-xxx-xxxx at your convenience.”

Consistently enough: if you don’t hear from them and it’s been two days, as you should clearly see on your call log, or your task list, contact them again. Call and email this time. (Your lead collection method should include both phone number, and email address at minimum and a home address is very helpful in case you need to verify spelling or name or number). * This is where a lot of would-be business people lose. There is no follow up. They call once. Then drop it. They have no record of who they called that still haven’t gotten back to them. They just have a data base of names and nothing to track contacts. (or in more cases, a never-used tracking system). Don’t waste time collecting leads that you aren’t going to follow up with! That is just trying to fool yourself that your being ‘busy’ is going to be productive.

Call-to-action messaging: means that you’re going to leave them with a specific motivation to call you (the complimentary session!) and a time frame is very helpful. If you say contact me by Friday to set up your session, you will have a better result. You’ll even hear from people who are going to be gone who can’t come in then but want to make sure they get it, and from people on vacation or away for business who want to be assured they can use it when they get back. You increase the value if they feel they are running out of time.

First things first: get your leads together in an organized way. You can use a computer data base, paper call logs, day planner, a recipe file, what it is is less important than that it works. A consistent system that not only you, but someone else will eventually use. You may be the sole trainer working for yourself right now, but think bigger. Eventually, you may have a staff person working the phone for you, or additional trainers and this will allow you to check their productivity, look at of your leads, how many you are able to contact, to book, and to sell both now, and three and six months down the road.

Important for tracking what works for you with your marketing.


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