Selling Discounted Packages or Singular Session Rates

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Check your ceiling.

You read right. So many times when a trainer or a fitness center prices their rates they do it with the hope that lowering the rate they really want will make it easier to attract and sell.

Because they hate sales. Or think they do…they don’t have any experience to judge that by.

And then there’s the feeling of guilt… because they really love what they’re doing and they really want to help people … so charging more is not comfortable.

(FYI: same trainer doesn’t mind charging lower rates and getting higher commission for it, cutting out the owner?! Fun thought)

The ceiling is the expectation and vision that the trainer, or an owner has for the business. The more you drop your rate in order to sell quick and fast (which may indeed backfire…have you ever set out looking for “cheap” when it comes to health, family, and something often associated with status, like say a trainer?)…the lower your personal ceiling probably is.

DOWN DEEP YOU DON’T BELIEVE. You don’t believe you’ll become a good sales force. You don’t believe this will be a prosperous business and something that the fitness industry will write about and remember. You’re thinking lower ceiling, and hitting your head against where you believe you can go. 

You’re potentially seeking and surrounding yourself with short people who fit under your low ceiling too. You’re avoiding big thinkers, change agents, who want to do more, plan more and bring more.

You might…when you hear other people talk about dreams and visions…think they are CRAZY! You hear “a lot of work” and “too fast.” You have to go slower, you don’t implement fast and you need to think it over and do one thing at a time in your business. 

And that’s OK.

Think about the fact that you don’t sell more …. few people who drop their rate ever really sell more volume. Walmart has done a good job but not many others have. I challenge you to tell me a Personal Trainer who stands out in the industry because they sold for a low rate and did huge volume. Just respond here, I’ll be waiting. 

What you do hear about, though…are the trainers who charge…$300/month for bootcamps of 100 or more participants…and renew over and over and over again all year long. 

Those (Chris and Kara Mohr in that example) are the ones you hear about. The ones who do a low volume often do because:

1. their rate is too low to be associated with quality

2. they don’t get any more brave or confident about selling when they offer a lower rate, in fact they might convince themselves that they really aren’t that good, and they really can’t make a living doing this. 

?With a low ceiling they might be right. 

?You can always remodel.

If you’ve discounted rates, you’ve created packages of multiples far less per session than a single…it’s not going to get easier to change. Do it now.

Bite the bullet. Go backwards a step in order to go forward by leaps in your future. 


Tune in Tuesday for the Live Fitness Marketing Class to get some ideas on making more…and the dirt on how much it hurts if you don’t.

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