Sell Personal Training this Season

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This is the season, second only to January, when everyone is back into fitness and routine.

So don’t ignore it! And don’t think just because you’re busy anyway you don’t need or want to advertise. The opposite…you want to maximize it! For every customer who is going to walk in the door and get back on track themselves- there are two more who will wait until the right direct mail piece, or the right commercial, or the phone call invites them to come and see YOU.

We ran a contest, accepting applications we narrow down to six for a complete fitness makeover for 10 or 12 weeks. We got an amazing 90 applicants, all of whom told us how much they need the guidance and want the support. They may have had money as an obstacle and our chance to win it free appealed to them- but only 3 of those 90 mentioned that. The rest were unsuccessful in so many other quick-fixes and rapid-weight loss schemes that they were out of tricks and know they needed help. But they weren’t going to walk in the door themselves.

Give your clients a reason to choose you. Give them a way to do it comfortable. Construct a special, a discount, a unique program or challenge that they can see is just for them. Tell them you understand.

Decide who you want to market. Who do you serve best? or want to?

Do you know how to speak to them? In written communication or live on camera? Find out from a panel of people in your market if it works for them. If you’ve been thin your entire life without working at it, you may not know if the copy you’ve created appeals or repels the overweight market you’re trying to reach.

Make them an offer. Follow up with them if you send it. Sell them training by selling them  on the picture you paint of how they’ll look and feel once they do it.

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