Sell Personal Training First, Create Later

 In Marketing

In the sales arena all too often trainers can back themselves into a corner and sell only what they know. Namely, this means sessions. Trainers like to work out. They like to exercise and create exercises and exercise sequences.

Not everyone is going to buy into the idea of meeting with you 10 times or 20 or 100. But they might buy your book. They might sign up for your email reminders on how to get healthy. They might buy your nutrition coaching package.

You might not have a book. You might not have 100 days of fitness tip email reminders. Yet. But if they buy it then you can create it. Sell first. Create it later.

Do the same thing with different group training sessions. Offer one for bridal bootcamp, for osteoporosis prevention, or back care. Find out if there is demand. When you find there is, just get to work creating it. If there’s not, you’re not out a thing.

This is especially useful when you give a speech. Clubs and organizations are looking for programs and presentations for their meetings. When you get booked you want to be sure you bring an evaluation form you’ll have attendees fill out and return to you when you’re done.

On it you’ll ask for feedback regarding your speech and what was the most important thing they got out of it, what they’ll implement first, etc. But your real motivation for the evaluation beyond testimonial content for your website is to offer services and a place to attach a check or to include a credit card number.

Offer an assessment at a reduced rate. Offer an e-book. Create an order form-like format at the bottom of the evaluation that lets them know these rates are good today.

Offer a coaching program in person, by phone or by email.

Package things in solo items, like the book only; in multiples like the coaching and the book and in the whole enchilada, the book, the assessment and the online coaching.

You’re out nothing if no one buys. If someone does (and you’ve offered something like a book that you can use your year long content of blogs to create) you’re spending time on a worthwhile project instead of creating it and hoping someone will buy.




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