Sell Personal Training by Giving Tips Away

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You know sooooo much about exercise that the average exercise needs to know and doesn’t know to ask.

You’re rich with information.

So you can afford to give some of it away.

The more generous you are the more rewards come back to you.

Give a free clinic. Set it up right now, and prepare a sign and registration form at the front desk and deliver it next week and it can still help your June lead generating effort!!!

  • Set it up around machine weights- where the beginners and the older population generally spend time. Then offer a $50 off a package of 10 sessions, or something similar. If you go machine to machine giving a general instruction set to a group, each individual will be forming questions they want to ask you privately. Set up a consultation session- and during that ask if they’ve considered using that coupon you included in the handout. Let them know you’d love to work with them to help them get a little more out of what they’re doing.
  • Plan an “ab lab” and give a workshop on the optimal ways to exercise abdominal muscles. Teach them something they didn’t know about core work. Bracing, not hollowing. Deep core stabilizers before superficial ones. Prioritizing the order and type of exercises for core. Offer a five session package to train the whole person once you’ve explained the importance of cardio, nutrition and ab exercises to get the results they want.
  • Set it up with a cardio variety pack for fat burning, fun, and fitness results. Teach five different workouts to try and talk about why they’re great, what energy system they work. The hook? Participants will need to know their heart rate zones to do them really specifically. Offer a special on fitness testing for those who register, then a 10 session package so you can improve their cardio rx in three weeks.

Or think of your own- you know what the evergreen topics are for you and your clientele! Pick one and go to work!



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