Seeing the State of Fitness Prospects Just Got Easier

 In Marketing


And by that I mean, your next union with a new client? Of course if you know what they’re thinking… you’re going to choose words and images differently to effectively reach them, right?

If you’r spouse or significant other were upset at something you’d done or not done and you were completely at fault, you’d choose words to reflect that.

If you on the other hand needed to make someone realize they’d jumped to conclusions and their thoughts weren’t congruent with the truth, you’d choose different words.

In your marketing you want to start with the words your customers are thinking. Too often we jump to the conclusion we know what it is and we suffer…with no phones ringing, no emails filling our inbox, no customers walking in the door….in response to our flyers or ads because of it.

If you’re not getting response to your marketing that matches the effort you’re putting in, chances are that you’re not matching the words you use in marketing with the thoughts of the people who right now are NOT your customers but you’d like to be.

How do you know?

ASK. Every fitness professional or fitness center offers a free consultation to a prospect before they’re sold. If they don’t call YOU… they aren’t sold on the idea of wanting to train yet.

If they do call you …. they aren’t your best gage of words that will capture the inactive market.

You have to go find them. And it might be over the phone, at the grocery store, at a basketball game.

It might be from a conference room table looking at a map.

The better choice of those options is talking directly to the potential target of your marketing.

Take a look at the state map here. It indicates Inactivity percentages. The darker the color of the state the more inactivity in that state.

In my estimation…the more opportunity.

You could look at it differently… easy, low-hanging fruit in those other states… but how many of those are densely populated? How many of those states are ripe with outdoor activity options?

A 12.8% obesity rate in Colorado for instance… sounds great right?

But what about where inactivity is high and obesity is high? If there is a sweet spot with a population density providing you with a target market big enough to support your business your opportunity is great.

?Low population density could still work if you’ve a niche targeting a few people with a service they already want.

The solution still lies in…What does the customer want? Are they looking for what you have to offer? If they’re not or don’t perceive it because of the words you’re using… you’ll lose time and money on marketing.


They will connect with you online. Are you talking to your current customers? The front row every-day customer? Or are you talking to your NEXT customer on your website, in your articles, videos and posts?

Which one do you think will get you the most NEW business?

Read every word on every page as if you are INACTIVE. Does it makes sense to you? Does it speak to you? Does it address the things you’re thinking about right now?

You will suffer in business if you’re offering something that no one is looking for.  What are the “key words” in your flyers?

Stop back pain? Double your energy? Yes!

Trampoline classes…. TRX classes… Reformer classes… No!

Advertise to the people you want with what they want and your programs will be far more full.


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