Season 3 Biggest Loser Participant Marty Wolff Shares Niche Building Secrets

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Marty Wolff and now wife Amy met on the Biggest Loser back in 2006. They now run a health club that caters to helping people of size recover from food addiciton and find a place to fit in. Learn more about their marketing and attraction at Understand the unique and special way they’ve used the words of their customers and gained insights to customer’s thoughts to be welcoming to their target like few have done. 

Get answers to these questions: 

How do you gain the trust of the market you want to reach if you aren’t one of them?

How do you change language, images, and titles or logos to reflect what the customer will love hearing?

How do you develop a marketing message that connects to your audience so strongly they will line up to share emotional messages with you?

An unforgettable and don’t-miss episode.

* with a slight technical glitch- we dropped a minute or two of phone connection but come back to finish! Hang in there!

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