The Things You Should Say Yes to Right Now

Say yes to :

  • Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube lives
  • Opportunities to be a podcast or summit guest
  • Chances to present at conferences
  • Opportunities to interact with businesses for exercise breaks and lunch talks
  • Creating challenges for at home exercise
  • Collaboration with other businesses
  • Creative ways to generate revenue

Time for a makeover

You absolutely should say yes to these things and more.
Look for things that get you outside of the box you’ve been thinking in for so long. If you were doing it for years, it wasn’t working all that well anymore anyway.

You were bored and you’d gotten complacent. You were operating on a schedule, thinking about your 4 o’clock instead of your client by name.

You’ve got a reason to get re-engaged again. Look through your files. You’ve got old ideas, old packages, bundles, and programs that you could revise, refresh and offer at a new price.

Say Yes to Growing Your business

Say yes to learning skills you need to know to grow a business. You can’t help more clients with the 5% of your deepest level skill without getting clients in the first place. Buff up your website. Commit to understanding what qualities make a website easy to navigate and keep a customer on longer. Learn what good copy that converts is and the difference between that and copy your literature instructor would be proud of.

By changing your emails and learning how to tell a story that puts your customer in the scene, that makes them see themselves in the story or say, hey- that could be me, you can improve your connection and your sales.

In order to say yes to these, any of these that you’re not doing you have to say no to other things. There’s no way around that fact.

A Few More Questions

What do you need to delegate? What do you need to dump?

What might you be doing right now that seems important but isn’t?

And what do you need to do that seems a waste of time and isn’t?

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