Say This, Not That Series | Fitness & Health Professionals #294

#294 In this series of weekly marketing posts, I’ll help you craft your content so that you can resonate with your ideal customers. I’ll choose an example of some fitness posts that are a good concept but miss the mark.

Say This, Not That Fitness & Health Pros

Now, there’s a whole lot more involved in a good post that gets engagement, a quality call-to-action, use of the right hashtag strategy, engaging with your audience after the post, priming your timeline before the post, and congruent consistency of content… but without this first very foundational piece, your post won’t be seen, discovered, or engaged with.

So, let’s get started.

Here’s where you could easily go wrong when you start your post intending to give help and support. How can that go wrong? Here’s how.

When your topic or message isn’t targeting a problem that someone wants a solution for and isn’t stated in the way your customer talks about it, it isn’t going to get a big engagement. 

Don’t assume too much.

Instead of this:

“Tired of sit ups and crunches?” make it clear why NOT sit ups and crunches.

That question assumes your ideal customer is indeed tired of sit ups and crunches.

Ask, is my ideal client asking Dr. Google, What can I do if I’m tired of sit ups and crunches?

If the answer is no, then you’re going to miss the engagement you want from a post and the time you’ve spent creating, editing the post, and the real estate you could have used better, is gone.

Get to the root of the problem in the customer’s eyes and language.

If someone isn’t tired of crunches and sit ups, then they skip this because it does not resonate with them.

Work with women in menopause or want to? 

What Are They Aware Of? 

If someone is under the impression that sit-ups and crunches work, they aren’t looking for help with alternative exercises. (They may not be getting results, but also not be attributing that to the exercises they are doing).

No one wants what they NEED, we want to buy/watch/learn about what we want.

Say This Instead:
Why sit ups and crunches are failing your quest for a flat belly (and what to do..)

Why sit ups and crunches will never help you shrink your waist (and what to do..)

Biggest core exercise mistakes and fastest way to a stronger core/smaller waist (and what to do…)

Why This Not That Message:

Now, you’ve stirred curiosity. You’ve taken someone from thinking they were doing the right thing, to questioning it. You’ve got their attention. First, because you’re talking about the thing that is most important to them. And because the thing they really want (flat belly, strong core, smaller waist, less belly fat) isn’t achievable doing what they’re doing. Now they are going to pay attention.


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