Are you Sabotaging Your Future Fitness Leadership?

 In professional development

Self-sabotage happens to the best of us. Usually when we’re at our worst. Your working a job, going along smoothly, finding some success and praise. Then it hits. Your upper limit of happiness. Without even realizing it you look for ways to stir things up, make it a mess or make it harder rather than enjoying it and throwing yourself into the middle of things that aren’t your thing.

So what’s up with that?

If you resist where you’re at (thinking you want more and struggling to be in “More”  … you become miserable. Unless you’re fully in the moment… you can’t reach that next level you want if you’re operating at half effort and half enthusiasm in this step on the path right now.

This may be the secret to something else that really frustrates you. You watch someone brand new in a position, with less education and less experience getting strokes from the boss for great effort. And they deserve the praise- they’re actually doing well- maybe they ‘re selling more, they’re attracting customers, getting good testimonials and comments.

But you’re not getting this kind of results anymore. You’re kind of “over” the position you’re in. You’re taking it for granted that you have it and you’re locked in. And… you’ve hit a wall with your results and production. You’ve taken that kind of ‘back seat’ and you’re physically there but you don’t have the effort. When you’re physically there you’re thinking about something else, talking about your life outside of work instead of focusing on work or the customer. You aren’t really showing up in it. You think you should be doing something more and you’re dreaming about that.

Should you be doing “more?” Is that the feeling holding you back from doing the best at this position? You were born for more. You’re probably worthy of it and will be great at it.

You may not want it to be here… but you are. So you dealing with it at the best level you can makes going somewhere beyond it possible. Otherwise, you keep yourself bumping into this ceiling. You’re living lower than even this moment in your career you don’t love…so how could you live bigger? It won’t work that way. Has it?

Acting bored at a position or being constantly upset, hard to deal with, or reluctant… doesn’t make you someone most people think of for a promotion or new opportunity. It doesn’t work that way. Do your best work. Don’t be afraid to let someone know you want to explore a “next” opportunity, but give 100% in every now moment you’re involved in.

Maybe you’re making too little money for your talent and skill level but this was the position open. Maybe this is a sales, or hourly customer service job, and you’re seeking a real personal training position with commission and leadership opportunities. Well, if you’re folding towels or you’re doing complimentary sessions right now, do them so that no one ever can do that job better. Be the one they’ll always compare the job to, be enthusiastic about it even if you’re a lame towel folder!

If you have skill but you’re hard to work with and never really happy or satisfied with people you work with? There are worse headaches in a personality that’s easy and team-oriented without so many skills. Skills can be trained. People problems are going to continually come up.


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