Roll Your Sleeves Up!

You’re in the fitness business.

You love exercise and fitness and sharing your passion. We’ve all said it before. Truth is, you shouldn’t have to tell anyone that. They should be telling someone else about that as they describe you. It should be obvious.

But following your dream and your passion can be hard work. Long hours. Dealing with situations and even people who make your days challenging.

You have four months until the end of the year. Your annual goals if based on the calendar year are two-thirds of the way to fruition.

Decide right now that you’re going to do this right. Full out. Set some goals. Yes, you should enjoy pursuing your passion but you will also need to be uncomfortable at times doing it.

Larry Winget is the author of several books. He also sends a strong message about branding. Read his titles and you can practically guess that he is the go-to guru for personal responsibility. It’s up to you. You take the credit or it’s your fault, depending on how you look at it.

It’s Called Work for a Reason and Your Kids are Your Own Fault are both available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from any still existing Borders. You can find them on his website here:

He’s insightful, refreshing, not politically correct or tactful- in fact one title claims there’s no time for tact in today’s world. Think about that when you’re afraid to be truthful with a prospect during the sale.

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