7 Revenue Streams for Menopause Fitness Coaches

Diversify with 7 revenue streams for menopause fitness coaches that offer stability and growth in the fitness coaching industry, particularly for those focusing on midlife women 

1 Online Courses and Workshops 

– Description: Creating and selling online courses that address specific aspects of fitness and wellness for midlife women, such as bone health, hormone balance, and managing menopause symptoms through exercise and nutrition.

– Actionable Tip: Use platforms like Teachable or Thinkific to host your courses; start with a pilot course to gauge interest.

One event or one series of events.

Biggest mistake here is underpricing. 

If you start with a problem, and you believe someone will pay for the solution you have, underpricing is usually the biggest risk. It sets a precedent. You aren’t going to be excited about it. 

Second biggest mistake is not having a goal for enrollment. What’s the minimum profitable number of registrations? If you don’t want to profit or set that as a goal, you won’t. You may have a hobby. Consider your time. Time delivering, time preparing, time commuting, what it removes you from doing that could earn more. The biggest cost to a low price offer though is the mental connection with you and your services. Cheap is not well-perceived as “worth it.” 

2 Virtual Fitness Coaching 

– Description: Offering personalized coaching sessions via video calls, catering to clients who prefer the convenience of working out at home.

– Actionable Tip: Leverage tools like Zoom or Skype for personal training sessions; consider group sessions for a more community-centric approach.

Private or Group

3 Wellness Retreats 

– Description: Organizing retreats focused on fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness for midlife women, offering a holistic health experience.

– Actionable Tip: Partner with a retreat center and start small—a weekend getaway focused on a specific theme like “Reset and Renew.”

Live or Virtual- where would you love to go? These are the most fun revenue streams for coaches because you’ve figured out a way to do what you love and get paid for it! 

I’m hosting retreats in Colorado and in the Grand Canyon this year. I am taking the cohort on trails I love and know, getting to teach life-changing content to attendees while they’re there, bringing together a community of women interested in the same things. But you can also and I have done this virtually in a 3-day retreat. At $97 for the event and with over 40 in attendance. It was a blast! For a few hours on Saturday and Sunday each. This option offers revenue streams for menopause fitness coaches in multiple ways. 

Workshop style – partner with someone 

Grassroots – Register and pay either coach, enrolling coach takes 5-10% more which is a sales commission essentially, and then coaches settle up after. (Don’t make an attendee register two places)! 

4 More Revenue Streams for Menopause Fitness Coaches

4 Membership Programs 

– Description: Creating a membership platform providing exclusive content, community support, and regular live Q&A sessions. Often includes discount rates for additional services, a regular content exclusive to the membership, access to you that no one else has or only VIP clients have, but members get at a fraction of the price of private coaching. 

– Actionable Tip: Utilize platforms like Patreon or MemberPress to build and manage your membership community, Memberium

5 Affiliate Marketing

– Description:Earning commissions by recommending fitness and wellness products that align with the needs of midlife women.

– Actionable Tip:Choose products you genuinely endorse; transparency builds trust with your audience.

Coach partnerships

Program partnerships

Equipment: desk bikes, weights, Power Plate, skin care, supplements

6 Corporate Wellness Programs

 Description: Designing and implementing fitness and wellness programs for employees at corporations, focusing on midlife health.

– Actionable Tip: Start by offering free lunchtime talks or workshops to introduce your services to local businesses.

Create proposals – learn the corporate context of programs

7 Writing and Publishing 

– Description: Writing books or guides on fitness and wellness for midlife women, either self-published or through traditional publishing.

– Actionable Tip: Start with an eBook on a niche topic; use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for a straightforward self-publishing process.

Often the monetization of these items is not the sales of the book but the sales of the program you talk about in the book.

-Summary of the revenue streams for fitness Coaches

My Guest:

Joe Huff and his business partner Bridget Hilton are obsessed with experiences. As keynote speakers, co-authors of the book Experiential Billionaire and Treasure Maps card game, and self-proclaimed experiential guinea pigs, they are passionate about inspiring people to live intentional, regret-free lives by going after audacious goals. They’ve trained to be samurais, danced with the northern lights, tracked silverback gorillas in a hail storm, stood face-to-face with a hungry lion on safari, visited 50+ countries and all 50 states, absorbed life lessons from Maasai Mara tribesmen, built schools for kids in need, and explored the experiential riches life has to offer.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How to expand your revenue streams for menopause fitness coaches 
  • Ideas to amplify existing revenue
  • What to choose to focus on first

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