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#290 Who doesn’t need and want more revenue generating actions?

Note I said actions and not ideas. My goal is not to give you a list of very good ideas. What I want you to do is treat this like a check list. It may be a reminder for things you have done and have worked but you just stopped doing. The first step is to not assume everyone already knows about you and they’ll come find you when they’re ready. 

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  1. Host a Free Challenge

            These are hot for good reason. Make it targeted enough it attracts and serves your exact demographic (That isn’t every possible customer in your geographical area. It’s the specific 66-year-old woman concerned about osteoporosis, getting weaker, gaining weight, and not wanting to be frail like her mother). The value is your follow up offer. Make it congruent with the challenge. It’s not just generic “personal training.” A package that feels complete and solves the buyer’s problems is what sells someone.

  1. Create a Paid Challenge

            This is my preference. I like someone to be invested. It’s already revenue generating from the beginning. The saying goes, when you pay you pay attention. It’s so true. Otherwise, it’s nothing but another email reminder or thing to have to do but nothing at stake so why bother? Someone misses a day and they’re likely to skip out altogether if they didn’t pay. Challenges don’t need to be a big investment though. Host it for $19 or $27 or $49 at most depending on the length of the challenge.

Some challenge hosts will do a free challenge but also include an upsell to a better VIP experience, including maybe hot seats, or handouts, or additional materials or access to live presentations inside a group.

  1. Host A Live Event

Make it a presentation that is news and noteworthy.  Holiday weight gain realities vs myths. Where it usually comes from. How to eat more and not gain weight.

  1. Host an Online Event

Yourself, invite a panel, invite a guest. But make sure you’re solving a problem. You’re giving a unique and tangible offer. Meaning 3 healthy family-proof recipes they’ll all love, 5 short workouts for holiday health (and sanity).

  1. Host a Virtual “Open House”

Just your house! Let them see behind the scenes! Your fans love to know what you do, and what works for you. 

  1. Host an “Open House”

            By appointment this year rather than a large social gather. Yes, it’s like a sales appointment, but it feels different with this frame. And treat them differently. Give them favors, refreshments, treats that are unique. 

  1. Get Booked on a Podcast (or 5)

            Target podcasts that serve your same audience. Someone who does something complimentary, not exactly what you do. Reach out, introduce yourself, make it clear you’ve listened to previous episodes and understand what they want. Provide the 3-5 take-aways for listeners. Let the host know how you add value to listeners, and mention your own email list and social media following. It matters.

            The value of a guest is …

  1. Social Media tour live at two busiest times of the week

            If you own a brick-and-mortar business, I know it’s been tough. Don’t forget ways to help those who’ve fallen off the bandwagon to come back in. Think about their biggest objections. No ignoring that it may be safety, and the mask and vaccine situation. There may not be a lot you can do about that except nurture them. Stay connected. Be a source of healthy immune boosting habits that people can do at home if they’re not back yet.

            But what if it’s something else? What if …

  1. Post a recipe a day during a specific time period

  •             December
  •             12 Days of Christmas
  •             September Tailgating

            That’s not all though. Make an offer each time you post…

  1. Create a membership

            …There are so many ways to use a membership. Maybe it’s a way to add value to current training clients with extras like recipes, meal plans, workouts when they’re not with you, traveling plans that include tubing/bands/body weight only. Maybe there are extra perks inside your membership that feature discounts or a special relationship with select vendors (you have rounded up). It could also be a second or third step after a course or training so that someone who feels they’ve got this, can just stay consistent with support.

  1. Create an online course

            You know those questions you’re asked all the time? That’s a course. Are there people who want to go deeper on a topic but you just don’t have the time to do it one-on-one and can’t get a big enough group to participate at the same time? That’s a course. If it solves a problem, answers a question, it’s a course. 

  1. Get booked on local Media

            If you’re hosting events, whether presentations and panels or races, or open houses, it could be news. If it has a who, what, when and it’s relevant to the community, it’s news. Here’s how…

  1. Get affiliate partners

            When it’s time to grow, really scale, you’ll no longer be exchanging time for money. You’ll have programs you’ve proven to achieve good transformations for clients. You’ll know what words you used, the exact emails, and the social media copy that helped bring people to a yes. That’s when it’s time to start recruiting affiliates. Partner with people who need a program like you offer. The ideal candidate is someone who doesn’t do what you do but works with the same audience you do. What you offer has to be in their customers or patients’ best interest.

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  1. Use Affiliate partners of your own

            You use products and tools or wear workout gear you love that you know would help your clients be more successful too. Why not set up affiliate relationships so you can earn money promoting them? 

  1. I also affiliate for my colleagues

            Much of the time these are people who just as before, serve the same audience that I do. But I also share my list with a friend I trust who does something similar to me, with a unique process different than mine…

  1. Host a paid retreat/workshop

            Now is a good time to offer one no matter where you live. Indoors or out. How could you create a fitness “camp” for adults and allow them to flow from yoga to spinning, then weight training to foam rolling. Maybe there’s a place to serve them lunch catered in from a restaurant or food truck. This can be a great revenue generating strategy in itself. But at the event you can also upsell to training or coaching packages. 

  1. Offer to do paid workshops/retreats for other businesses

            Who needs you? The answer is more people that you realize. What business needs a moral boost for employees right now? What business would welcome a stress reduction yoga session or joy-enhancing practice of meditation for its employees? Whether it’s during the stressful holiday season or any other time of year. What businesses did well during the pandemic? Incredibly well or were extraordinarily busy? 

  1. Send Another Email (or 4)

            If you nurture your email list and you have a good offer, an email (or series of emails) should always produce sales for you. Be cautious about burning your list out by not only sending sales and promotional emails. Continue to regularly share valuable content (to them) in the same vein they subscribed to your email list in the first place. Then when you do make an offer, some of them will be thinking that this was perfect timing and will be glad to purchase it.

This episode is filled with gold for marketing all year. Treat it as a checklist! Keep it close.

Answer these questions for yourself about revenue generating strategies:

  • Which of these are most urgent for fast growth? 
  • Which of these do you want to implement in 2022 but need more thought to do well? 

I know what I’d tell you! (what I’d tell our mastermind members).

Helpful? Comment below. Love hearing from you. 


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