Should You Repurpose Your Old Personal Training Ads or Not


Top of Mind Saturation or Good Repetition?

There are two sides to every coin, right? The question that is missing here is whether or not the ad was tested the first time out.

A split test is one of the smartest things you can do.

  • With emails
  • With direct mail promotions
  • With Facebook or Twitter Ads
  • With Facebook or Twitter posts and tweets

If you’re not doing this you’re “throwing darts.” You have no idea really how a different image, headline, subject line… or a different time of day, a different day or different call-to-action might change your results by a HUGE percentage.

And creating these split tests costs nothing.

If your direct mail company won’t do two to random sets of your market, move on and find one that will.

Don’t change more than one variable or you’ll learn nothing.

Try it …. right now, I dare you:

1. Go into your Facebook page and post a YouTube video.

2. 10 minutes later post the exact same video from your computer directly to Facebook.

3. Watch what happens. When you come back in an hour or half day which video got the biggest “reach”? Which got the most likes, comments and shares?

4. Do the same for a quote. Post a naked little quote by a famous person. Then post the same quote with an image. Then post the same quote with your URL embedded on the image.

These things should help you identify the ways of marketing that increase your reach by LARGE numbers. No more shooting blanks with the same ad different day (or year ? OUCH!)


If you’re not doing things like this with your marketing, why?

Are you not aware you needed to?

Are you not interested in getting optimal results from the things you’re spending time on?

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