How to Develop Relationships with Medical Professionals

Developing relationships with medical professionals was going to be easy once Exercise is Medicine™ was announced! Trainers and gyms thought it was going to be great. Imagine it raining clients told by their physicians to exercise and start working with a trainer. 


No one came. 


Exercise is Medicine was established in 2007 by the American College of Sports Medicine to inform and educate physicians and other health care providers about exercise as well as bridge the widening gap between healthcare and health fitness. (

You want an endorsement from a physician. They want to know their patients get a safe referral and their credibility is supported.


Make it clear what’s in it for them and easy for them. Make the relationship with you public by inviting them over. 


  • Host events and invite them(let them see you in action)

  • Host events and feature them(live or your podcasts or virtual video show)

  • Offer to do a lunch & learn for their office (if local or possibly virtually)

  • Contact them with a professional letter/email

  • Follow up – emails and letters get lost

  • Call the office 

  • Follow up – messages get lost 

  • Offer to train them

Mistakes when Trying to Develop Relationships with Medical Professionals 

  • No follow up

  • Confidentiality breach

  • Lack of specific CTA 

  • Lack of specific way they win 

  • Are you a specialist? In what? Does that serve a lot of their patients? 

Because very few are doing this well right now, you have a huge opportunity. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ve witnessed physicians actually become part-time fitness instructors. Chiropractors and physical therapists were gymnasts and fitness instructors before they were practicing. Learn more about physicians. Try taking an interest in them and begin creating a relationship the same way you’d create a friendship. The more you’re interested in them and how you can help them the more likely you are to get attention.


My Guest:

Joe Huff and his business partner Bridget Hilton are obsessed with experiences. As keynote speakers, co-authors of the book Experiential Billionaire and Treasure Maps card game, and self-proclaimed experiential guinea pigs, they are passionate about inspiring people to live intentional, regret-free lives by going after audacious goals. They’ve trained to be samurais, danced with the northern lights, tracked silverback gorillas in a hail storm, stood face-to-face with a hungry lion on safari, visited 50+ countries and all 50 states, absorbed life lessons from Maasai Mara tribesmen, built schools for kids in need, and explored the experiential riches life has to offer.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How can fitness & health coaches help clients find a way to experience the world in a way they wouldn’t have been able to do and in doing so build a new revenue stream?
  • What kind of retreat would you create if you were doing it – having had the experience as a personal trainer yourself? 
  • What would you leave out of a retreat? 
  • What kinds of activities would you include? 
  • Getting clients is one thing. Keeping them another. Relationships and loyalty building will be the reason for success in 2023 and beyond.

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