5 Hacks to Reduce Fitness Marketing Time Without Losing Traction

How would you like to reduce fitness marketing time and still continue to attract ideal clients? Yes, please, right!? 

Even better, is the idea that you can potentially get better results. You’ll hear why in this episode. 

Cranking out content every week takes time. I’m going to start with 5 mistakes I have made, and not going to lie, I can still default to these mistakes if I’m not careful! 

However, I want to say this, having to create content for two-arms of my business, our Flipping50® community and our Fitness Health Coaches and Trainers – has been the biggest eye-opening experience of my life. 

You can create MORE all day. And I’ll tell you, I am prolific. It’s my superpower. I’m joking! It’s my safe place. I love to create. So naturally this is where I’ll bury myself on a Sunday morning. Not because I’m behind or don’t have a book or a walk or something better to do, I truly love it. But content creation – whether packages and services, or blogs and podcasts – that are not marketed… don’t help you or I. 

How bizarre is that? I just said that creating marketing copy that you don’t market doesn’t work. 

What I mean is the only way you can reduce fitness marketing time – and want to – is if you are getting the content you do create out there. You never want to create a podcast … post about it once, and never again talk about it!!! 

5 Ways to Reduce Fitness Marketing Time


  1. Script your videos.

    Don’t just turn on the camera and riff. At least not until you have an established audience and you go live and have people there who will ask questions. 

    When you start scripting… you may realize as I do, I don’t have one video, I have 5. I have 5 short videos that I can drip out this next 2-3 weeks and stay congruent with the topic that is in alignment with whatever we’re promoting. 


  2. Batch record.
    This is easy, when you do #1. Maybe it’s not batch record. Maybe it’s creating 12 photos of you with different expressions or using professionally done images in new ways. Or maybe it’s finding the images you want to use or the graphics you’re going to use in Canva.com


  3. Create posts in advance. 
    I’m still of the school of thought that posts done in real time do better. At one point, who didn’t use Hootsuite, or some other 3rd party scheduler? Even Facebook or Instagram in advance – though they’re popular – I generally don’t.

    What I do is create the content and use Trello.com so that the content is there, I copy it, paste it to the site and I’m done in minutes.

  4. Observe engagement.
    First because it informs what you do more of, what you stop doing or do less of, but also because this can be done in 15 minute increments every day. It’s THIS… not the post itself but you engaging with the followers who comment that matters!  

  5. Think ahead.
    The more time you spend regularly before you go into production mode, the more reduction in your actual time creating marketing content you will spend. I do this “think time” while I’m lifting weights or I’m taking a hike. It’s the best place for ideas to come to me!
    What’s coming up right now? Superbowl, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, March Madness…. What do you want to do with each of those? What are you launching next month, the month after that? What do your clients need to know before they’d realize they need what you’re selling? That content pre-meditated and not “hey, we’re open” is the difference between engaging content and flat feeling like an ad content.
    People are on social media to see family and friends. No one wants to feel judged, like they’re in school, or to see an ad in your timeline posts. 
A little bonus is this…

I’ve found that no longer is 4 posts a day on Facebook an advantage. And the more time I give my reels on Instagram to marinate and be the most recent content, while using stories to stay TOMA, the better they do. So reduce fitness marketing time by posting less.. Could also work for you. Test it. 

What about you? Ways you reduce your fitness marketing time?

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