Former Journalist Tips to Create Content to Reach Over 50 Clients

To create content to reach over 50 clients (or over 60 or 70), you have to know what they want and why they don’t already have it. But you also have to know how they see themselves or want to. 

“I wasn’t marketed to anymore.” 

My guest today points out a glaring still-existing dilemma in our fitness industry. Even in this age where menopause and longevity being buzzwords of the year, images and marketing terms are centered around young, youthfulness, and anti-aging. Images of young, fit individuals in bra tops still prevail.

If you want to reach over 50 clients, you have to know what to say and what not to say. Jay Croft creates original content for trainers, gyms and studios. Everywhere you write, speak, or create video, you are a copywriter. I rounded up a professional writer to help you with content to reach over 50 clients.. 

Be sure you stay til the end for some help on how you can use AI to generate content to reach over 50 clients better, faster and create a relationship.

My Guest:

Jay Croft created Prime Fit Content to help gym owners reach more people over 50 after 30 years in mass media and corporate communications. A veteran writer, editor, and content creator, Jay creates premium, original material best used in email newsletters, social media, and blogs. He also consults with businesses about this vast, underserved segment and how best to communicate with them effectively.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • What is your background and how & why you got into this? 

  • What are some of the challenges trainers online or off  have in communicating with the over-50 market?

  • What are a few key pieces of advice in improving your game on this?

  • Why isn’t the fitness industry doing more to help people over 50?

  • What role can content and communications play?

  • What works/what doesn’t?

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