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Why the psychology for health & fitness professionals today? You love exercise and you crave it… and most of your clients don’t. We’re often so far from clueless or from understanding what that feels like to be awkward, uncomfortable, and feel out of place we can’t relate. 

We’ve got to earn and learn our empathy. 

Why I hate exercise, my summer report. It’s the truth for too many of us. Since my beginning in fitness 38 years ago, the statistics have not improved. There are still too few of us exercising enough to improve our health (let alone our fitness). This interview episode dives into that psychology for health & fitness professionals.


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My Guest: 

Mike Kelly says he has some contrarian views related to health and fitness developed over 40 years in fitness. 

He has been a personal trainer, university varsity level S&C coach; expert legal fitness witness;and a master TRAINER for other fitness professionals. Despite knowing the body extremely well from an anatomical perspective, he went back to school five years ago to become Queen’s University’s oldest Psychology grad in the spring of 2020 – knowledge he says has allowed him to expand his understanding of the connection between psychology and the physiology, or as we know it, mind-body connection. 

He adopted the moniker “The Cynical Trainer” which he uses on social media and we’ll find out what that’s about. 

Questions we answer in this episode: 

Before we discuss now, let’s talk about why you’re here, what got you into providing health and fitness as a career? 

08:05 Why the moniker, “The Cynical Trainer”?

12:15 What do you feel are contrarian views to exercise (and who do you mean you’re contrarian to)?

What are your thoughts on the current obesity levels?

45:11 As an older adult, how do you personally exercise and what are your goals and motivation?

Connect with Mike:


Mike on Social: 

Instagram: @cynicaltrainer

Twitter: @cynicaltrainer

Facebook: canfitpro Ottawa

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