HOW TO PROMOTE Health (and earn) EVERY DAY!

4 Ways Health & Fitness Pros Can Create Income Right Now


You promote health. You promote fitness. And ultimately you do now or will want to promote your own products or services. 

But if you feel salesy, or spammy, it’s going to show in your communications. Consider what’s in it for them. Tell them. Tell them why you trust it and you have proof they trust you if they’re on your email subscribers list! So they DO want to hear your recommendations to promote health!

This follow-up to an affiliate promotions podcast gives you some very specific tips that work for me. And affiliate revenue is an amazing way to promote and earn even when you aren’t launching! 

Successful affiliate promotions (where you share something you know, love, and trust will be a benefit your community will love) require just three things. 

1. Commit to promoting your affiliate repeatedly on each platform you choose.

Two minimum and three is even better, emails are MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than 1 email, and 1 social media post. 

People are BUSY. They don’t see your posts the way you might imagine in your head! They may skip days of hopping into social media. (Lucky them!?) So.. you want to tap someone on the shoulder several times to get their attention. Use a new image or new Subject Line in your emails each time. 

In the body of your email, the first time you send you can get really detailed about why this is relevant :

My friend and colleague, Debra Atkinson created this event to answer questions you have AND those you may not yet know to ask. She gathered 40 experts… not “influencers” flashing bare bellies, but the in-the-lab experts, the go-to speakers for industry events and education. And you can access it for free! 

In the body of your second email – a couple of days later you can refer to the first email:

A few days ago I shared this with you and I know that exercise is an important reason you’re here and plays a big part of your success. 

In the 3rd email (maybe the 2nd), I put it at the TOP of the email above the actual greeting and make it short:

Real quick: I don’t want you to miss this and know you’re busy. I mentioned this FREE event for Women’s Exercise Over 40, It’s starting NOW… so CLICK HERE to get in. I’ll be sharing some of the highlights I’m loving from it with you too! See you there!

2. Come back to the email about the affiliate product you send and later in the day.

Resend it to unopens. This one is ridiculously easy … and often OVERLOOKED. So if you’re disappointed in the performance of your emails, no matter what you wanted (open rate, click-through, sales) … you may make FAST improvements by being sure that your busy audience SEES the email. Remember they aren’t sitting on their device waiting and hoping for an email from you! So resending brings it up from the buried inbox emails we all get. 

3. Treat Social Media with respect when you Share affiliate promotions!

Share and share again. 

Know your social media channels! On IG… share in stories and use the LINK so all someone has to do is CLICK. Be prepared with a link when someone DMs you and says, Where do I find that? AND use the link in your bio to go to multiple with a link tree or your custom page on the website where they get right to it. DO NOT put an ugly URL in your post copy. 

Get smart with Facebook too. Stories are hot, news, and clickable. Use them that way! Posts are good.. but buried if you don’t nurture them by liking and commenting and sharing with your personal pages. Add to groups or link groups to the post. 

You can easily promote health and fitness and earn revenue without feeling salesy or spammy. If it’s something you believe in, tell them about it with conviction! If it’s not, reconsider sharing it. I’ve had plenty of products or people I once shared and no longer do for one reason or another it just stopped feeling right. 


4. Package all of These Income Generators together. 

Send an email today, suggesting a new group starting that’s focused on a problem you know a lot of your community have, offer it at 20% higher rate than normal – it’s specialized afterall – (or suggest you are going to raise the rate after this beta group and they want to get in now to take advantage of it. Offer an upsell for more private time with you, or simply an add-on that you know they’ll need to have to be successful. 

Think like … You HAVE to. Sometimes you just have to imagine.. That you do in order to get out of your way and do what was always possible anyway. 

Your email list should provide you that kind of cushion. You have the ability to send an email and make money every single day. Are you using it?

Which one will you use first? 

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