7 Things Profitable Trainers Need to Know How to Do

This episode of things profitable trainers need to know may not be what you expect. There are other practical components of building funnels, writing emails, and creating copy that makes customers buy I could talk about. But not here. 

There are hundreds and thousands of trainers. Not all of them, not even many of them, are truly profitable. While you might think I’m going to talk about the need for a course, and a course before your course… and we definitely could. That is funnel talk. But there’s more. There’s this sixth sense kind of list that has to be there first.  

Do let me know if this is helpful. I’ll share a way to give yourself a grade on your business too. (check resources below)

This episode of 7 things profitable trainers need to know is based on the foundation for tracking, communicating, and decision-making. 

1 Look objectively at the right numbers 

-the “books” P & L statement 

-subscribers in and out 

-source of traffic 

-ROAS for ads or marketing effort 

-where do I spend, where do I spend less or stop spending 

2 Train Holistically – it’s more than movement

-foam rolling isn’t necessarily the best way to support fascia 

-assess and respond to hormone status of individuals 

3 Create Simple Messages from a Complex Set of Information

-stop the teach & preach and move into raise & praise 

-lower the barrier to entry 

-be inclusive vs exclusive 

-make it step-by-step

4 Breakdown the What, Why, and How of Information for Prospects

-Share WHY far more than HOW

-you can’t be a step ahead or new prospects won’t join you

-demonstrate you doing… and explain WHY 

5 Be Willing to be Seen and Heard Imperfectly 

-all marketing is visual today 

-a brick-and-mortar business still needs individual trainers teaching digitally  

6 Spot Trends and Solve Problems 

-Trends and fads exist for a reason 

-How do you answer uniquely? 

7 Choose a NICHE, Stay In It 

-collaborate with others who know more about something than you

-it takes a village, make sure you’re building one with collaborative partners 

-if you’re reluctant to interview someone because you think you know more, think about it

-if you “do that too” it doesn’t mean they can’t be a partner 

-if you go deep in health coaching, and clients still need the very specific exercise 

-If you go deep in exercise, and clients still need the nutrition

There you have it! 7 Things profitable trainers need to know! And there’s more of course! The tactile and practical creation of courses is a must for passive revenue.  

Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

Your Business Scorecard podcast: https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/business-scorecard/

Right to the Scorecard: https://www.fitnessmarketingmastery.com/scorecard

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Which of the 7 things profitable trainers need to know was the most valuable? 


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