6 Most Profitable Fitness Programs for Personal Trainers

This title promises a lot. I have to qualify it. If you create something and then position the rate so low there is no profit, this won’t help!

On the other hand if you know how to position your price appropriately, you’ll potentially find your next program below.

profitable fitness programs 

#1/6 Profitable Fitness Programs:

A Beginner’s Course

Everyone starts somewhere. A beginning exerciser wants to be surrounded by other beginners. It’s helpful if you can also segment by gender and age. A 60-something woman doesn’t want to be in a session with a 25-year old woman. Their exercise needs are not the same.

In January you’ll have a mixed crowd but there will be beginners. What do you have so that they can find a place that feels like home?

#2 Profitable Fitness Programs:

A Weight Loss Course

Four out of every five new members you have in January are going to want weight loss. That isn’t a statistic but it’s experience. Create something that rivals the other detox, fasting, and diets they’ll be doing if you don’t offer something better.

profitable fitness programs

#3 Profitable Fitness Programs:

A Woman’s Hormone & Weight loss course

There are 38 million baby boomer women between 54 and 74 and there are 25 million Gen X women right behind them. You’ve got an audience who know they have a problem, who are actively seeking answers (and not finding them), who has urgency and who have disposable income (or are willing to budget for you).

If you don’t know how to change a standard exercise prescription – even one that is fixed on corrective exercise and imbalances and address hormones – now is the time to learn it.You can get in ahead of the wave. You’ll be set apart as the credible expert who gets her and have referrals for years.

I’ve grown my business nearly all organically and helped 144,000 women to date with hormone balance exercise online because for the most part, they aren’t finding it in their own backyard. The size of my Facebook fans or my YouTube subscribers, even my email is nominal compared to some. Those who are there are the right people and I’m generating nearly six times what I was 5 years ago and far happier knowing I’m helping a niche who appreciates life and wants energy to thrive.

#4 and 5 Profitable Fitness Programs:

A Beginner’s Strength Training Course

(men’s and women’s)

This is potentially not one, but two courses. Female beginners don’t want to work out with men, and you won’t build as solid a “tribe” among your participants if you offer it to everyone.

Beginners need the basics. They’ve got unique concerns and there are ways you can make it less intimidating for them by hosting it in a group environment. This one also helps you feed the “graduates” into their next program. Once they have the basics you can identify what they’re interested in next. Maybe they belong in a sports specific conditioning program, or a complimentary cross training mode.

You can both structure your session to increase the likelihood someone will want to go on to the next program, and use observations to develop a new program if you don’t have a next step already.

profitable fitness programs#6 Profitable Fitness Programs:

An Aging Better Course

Longevity is one thing but what’s really hot is reversing aging by minimizing oxidation. They’re looking for not just the what and how when they’re exercising but the why. Give them science. Treat sessions like studies. Ask for subjects who want to participate and share their statistics (blindly to protect confidentiality). They’ll be more committed and your best referral source.

You can set up a program like this around yoga, strength, cardio, or a combination. You can create teams of beginners – total newbies – to yoga or strength. The perfect time of year to start is January! What are you waiting for?

Be Unique

One of the most important components in any program today is the sense of community it creates. Follow Crossfit’s lead. Whether you agree or disagree with the philosophy, whether you know someone who got hurt doing it or not, they have done an amazing job inspiring a movement, not just creating another fitness option.

Be Clear Not Clever

Notice here that every program has a clear title. If you’re coming up with titles and no one has a clue what it means, you’ve lost them. Make it clear. There’s nothing wrong with Beginner Strength Session. You can grab your thesaurus (or Google) words that mean beginner but don’t use French or German or Spanish words unless they’re common.

I labeled a class Fat-to-Fit that ran for 12 weeks. Some people despised the name. But we had over 150 applicants who clearly got it and weren’t offended.

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