3 Steps to Productivity for Personal Trainers in Times of Uncertainty

I’m tackling the topic of productivity for personal trainers in this episode. The uncertainty can be stifling. You can easily lose a day by not giving yourself every opportunity to take control. One look at the news or social media can rob you of a productive day you feel good about.

You may be wondering, productivity for personal trainers? Are you kidding?? I have no clients, no gym to train in, and no income.

I get it. We’re all nervous. We’re not all ready for weeks or months without what was our income. What do we do?

productivity for personal trainersI’ve got three steps that are a must.

  1. Create a Routine

    1. Write it out – an hourly schedule will not just give you more productivity it will improve your health
    2. Include everything – when you wake, eat, exercise, shower, work, take care of your kids/pets, look at the news, connect with your colleagues/friends/family/clients, food prep, get fresh air, sleep
    3. Stick to it – like you’re still working and getting paid for it
  1. Choose 3 Tasks to focus on

    1. The same project finished is much more valuable than three projects half done. You can create something that you can monetize in three days or you can work on three things in three days that you still can’t do anything with.
    2. You can get a better idea of something you can work on now that will help you in the near future by completing step #3 – so come back to this when you have done ALL the homework there
  1. Identify the Answer You Are

    1. Who do you want to serve
    2. What is the #1 problem they need help with now
    3. What is your skill set
    4. What skills do you still need (do this last: focus on the what, without worrying about the how)

The biggest action you can take is work on your mindset. Do that throughout. Start first thing in the morning and finish last thing before your close your eyes.

Mindset Shift

If you’ve got limiting beliefs you’ve got to remember that you may be going down road that isn’t there. You’ve just imagined it. If you’re not careful with mindset, none of this productivity for personal trainers tip sheet is going to help you. You will create your reality based on the thoughts that you have. You’ve got to lose these:

  • Not everyone is not spending money.
  • Not everyone is stopping services and subscriptions.

That may be your limited thinking.

In fact, the value of health, wellness, and fitness are higher at this moment.

The value of community and connection are higher.

Many people are more acutely aware of their health than ever. This will forever change the way people think about fitness and health. It will forever change the way they value their gyms or that they realize online fitness is convenient and just as valuable.

Some people are investing in home exercise equipment. They’ve got a home gym and they need help optimizing it.

They know what they’ve always done but they don’t know how to optimize it for immunity.

Digitally Thoughtful

You’re watching fitness professionals try to take their business online quickly. Maybe that’s you. You’re seeing to many randomly throw workouts up online (literally vomit, in my opinion).  There’s no custom-designed, personal, training. It’s a trainer personality-based random exercise. Facebook right now has become a YouTube. There’s no progression, there’s no assessing where a client is, or focus on one “avatar.” (define your customer: it’s not everybody, or all women, or people with special conditions: get specific)

There is evidence trainers are panicking and reverting to what they know best. They’ve gone into exercise mode. Let me do a workout with them. Let me show them how good they can look.

Yet, trainers are not really there. Those who show up, who are with their clients and customers and help by listening by creating a sense of community will win. The regular and consistent, and right now frequent sense of stability that you bring to people is important right now. Be with them. You’ve been a staple in their lives through divorce, through children’s milestones, through family tragedy and celebrations. Be with them now. Yes, stay in your lane AND add value. Provide resources.

If you understand parasympathetic stimulation, talk about it. If you understand gut health and the relationship to immunity, talk about it. If you don’t, talk about the resources you’re using to learn more and that you’ll be sharing and ask them to share.

What Do You Say When You’re Not Cueing?

There is always something to say. It is not about what core exercise to do or how to throw a kettle bell around. Not right now.

This is the time to tap into your own life. What have you loved and hated about it? What have you wished was different? How did you want it different? You have the opportunity right now to create it. Rather than wish it all back where it was a couple weeks ago, will a new opportunity into reality.

You’ll be doing something right now. You’ll be thinking something right now. You’ll experience time passing right now. Will you be smarter, more prepared, have a changed business that you’re excited about when this is passed?

Trainers who pivot, collaborate, connect, and communicate well during this will be the trainers who thrive, potentially during this and, after this.

You can start that right now. Now is not time to pull back. Now is time to lead. Leaders lead.

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