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#282 There are two parts to how to present your fee or make an offer and they are:

  • Where – meaning what format
  • When and what do you say

So, I’m breaking this down into two podcasts because when I went to unpack it I knew I’d leave you hanging and leave important considerations out if I didn’t.

Present Your Fee ABCs

In this episode of how to present your fee it’s about where you’re going to do that. I’m talking about your customer journey from the time they find you and follow you here. The cost of your program or service also matters here.

In general, the more expensive your services the longer time you’re going to spend with a prospect before you make the offer. So, before you go too far into thinking about how to sell, make absolutely sure you know who you’re selling to, whether you’re selling a low cost item – usually less than $100 or you’re selling a higher ticket item, $1500- 4000, or a more custom product $5K and up.

Here are different platforms you can use to sell your services:

Low cost products can be sold via email.

The higher your price point, or the less time your customer knows you, the more likely you’re going to want to sell one of these ways:

  • A phone consultation
  • A masterclass
  • A live person consultation

Which One and When?

A phone consultation can follow a masterclass. A very small percent of customers make up their minds right away and buy on the spot. It’s about 15%. The higher the price point that number shouldn’t go down as long as you’re attracting the right people to your list.

Someone could make a phone consultation appointment with you from your website. Ideally, you’ll do pre-booking screening, so the customer is qualified and legitimately considering your services and able to afford you before booking.

Say you host a webinar or masterclass to sell. About 15% of those fast action takers are going to decide right then. But many more will need more time and more follow up emails. One of those emails could offer the opportunity to book a free phone call with you for those on the fence.

If you’re seeing clients in person now you can also present your fees and close in person, or there’s always zoom.

One Offer

If you confuse you lose. Give one good choice. When they’ve made that you can build an upsell but don’t present two different products in one email or one masterclass or you’ll no sales.

Big Clubs Big Mistake

Big clubs who launch numerous fitness programs at one time are constantly at risk for this. They just vomit the list of paid programs and hope the right customer will find the one they want.

But they can’t nurture that customer based on what they’re thinking if they take that approach. A whole lot of people who aren’t the ideal target are also getting that email.

So, if you aren’t already, segment. If you serve both men and women, segment. Sure there may be times you have something that works for both, but you want to be sure when you’re talking about menopause you’re sending that email to women in their 40s – 70s.

Keep It Clear

Decide your ONE offer and make that offer irresistible. If you’re collaborating with someone make sure you’re selling one thing that the customer has to decide on. Nothing more. It’s always possible for you to make a special consideration if someone reaches out and says, I’d like to do it, but I just need x, I already have y, can you work with me? A single option, a single price, and I won’t teach irresistible offers on this episode. Do let me know if you’d like a review of how to do that.

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