Prepare to Sell Personal Training

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If you want me to speak for two minutes I’ll have to prepare three weeks. If you want me to speak 30 minutes I’ll have to prepare a week. If you want me to speak for an hour, I’m ready now. – Winston Churchill

Do you prepare like that? Is your “elevator speech” rehearsed, practiced, persuasive and precise?

How long do you have to make a sale? Someone decides if they like you in about 30 seconds. They think they have enough information about you to make  a decision. And if they like you they might buy from you. If they don’t like you they probably won’t. Especially if you and the trainer down the street offer the same kinds of programs and services, and the same kind of price. In fact they’ll pay more to go to someone that they like. You better figure out how to get likeable. Dale Carnegie has a book about it you might want to pick up. Tim Sanders wrote another called The Likeability Factor. More contemporary but similar material. Make it about them. Not you.

If you have 30 minutes in a complimentary session you can’t “wing it.” People who are really successful – not who think and tell you that they are successful- practice all the time, every week, every year, as long as they do what they do. They never reach a point where they think they’re so good they can “wing it” they might make a sale if they were rusty because they can fall back on the prior rehearsal they’ve had, but a successful person doesn’t spend much time patting themselves on the back , they consider what they could have done better.

Winston Churchill made it look easy. Because he’d put in all the work. That’s why I’m talking about him and he’s used as an example of exemplary speeches.

Do you have the same discipline? Who will talk about you?

Take Action:

Read a book on becoming likeable!

Videotape yourself in a role play.

Have 3 people watch it and grade you. Grade yourself.

Where do you need to improve? Do you have a plan for what happens in the first 10 minutes, the middle 10, the final 10?

Are you so practiced in the format and the questions that need to be addressed that you can actually LISTEN to the person you’re meeting? If you’re thinking about what to say next, you won’t make nearly as many sales. You aren’t able to focus because you’re still winging it and thinking about the process. Practice, practice, practice.


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