Post Before and After photos

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Pictures speak a thousand words….OK, cliche! So shoot me!

But it’s true. A great example of how to grab the attention of your audience, or a new one.We like pictures.

This might be an example of a blog you would do weekly about success stories in your personal training business. Or pick out seven individuals (give them a little perk and get their consent) who start with you in January. Follow them all year. Those who consent, will like it because the added incentive of accountability to the audience will help keep them honest about exercise and food choices.

Rather than your own blog, maybe you’re posting to social media sites. And suggesting that if you “like this” you “share it” and you’ll grow your prospective client list. Facebook and Twitter aren’t meant to be places where you’ll make an offer but where you share the successes of amazing clients like this one I picture here!

It pumps up our staff and our members to see this guy in class; we’re all rooting for him and when he wins we win. Share that experience with your fitness family.


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