Your Position is Not A Popularity Contest Until It Is

 In professional development

If Everything You Do Is Comfortable or Keeps Others Comfortable ….

It’s not as likely to help them as something that pushes them, holds them accountable, and shows them the expectations for success.

Based on knowing exactly what’s expected of us, we all do better in achieving it – or in finding something else that gets us where we want to go.

You can always start over. Since essentially you’re never starting over. You’ve learned from mistakes. You know your own limits or the ones you put on yourself anyway. You know what you do and you don’t want to do.

There is a perfect place for you. And there are places that are perfectly wrong.

For a trainer, or for a director, owner, or manager these things are true.

You can be well liked and yet be unable to meet the expectations of the position you’re in. If you know the requirements and you’re trying your hardest or you’re avoiding the things that would lower your popularity … you’re playing a very political game at someone’s expense.

Ultimately, there is a right thing in every instance. It’s a total of all things considered. In personal training it’s the trainer, the customer, the manager, the owner and more in many cases in other departments.

When you get to the end of the year you often evaluate your life situation. Is it by:

your income
your revenue generation
your serving the future of your business
your job satisfaction
your helping others grow
the difference you’ve made in lives
the improvement you’ve made in the quality of lives, programs, opportunities you’ve created
Here on this blog I talk a great deal about how to measure success on social media, how to measure success in personal training programs, and in revenue generation. Without a goal- a number of clients in a class that generate a number of dollars and who are helped by the actual session and by a sense of community – there is just existence.

Do your actions suggest your highest value is being served? If you’re responsible for others, is there’s being served?

Only you have the answers but true happiness comes from knowing you’re doing the absolute best you can and it is getting the absolute best results. Both are important.

Find your perfect place. Serve the world better by being in that spot.


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