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How to be and how not to be a podcast guest if you want to get booked on a podcast or podcasts and you want to be a favorite guest making those look good and love having you and you want to get asked back for use it, that podcast episode as leverage to get booked again. Stay tuned. 

A podcast is one of the best ways to get your message across and relate to an audience who may expand your email list. 

Be Ready

You want to provide, first of all, possible titles, appropriate topics of content and titles as you reach out to someone who’s got a podcast in order to promote yourself or if you’re handing this task off to someone else.


In doing your preliminary homework I’ve addressed that you do your homework, no the podcasts know the topics they cover the topics they don’t cover, know the business just a little bit. And it’s always great if you’ve had a referral from a friend but if you’re smaller, you’re starting out and your friends aren’t hosting podcasts right now. That’s okay too. Don’t wait to start. So I highly recommend you go ahead and get after it. Put yourself out there. But do some homework don’t expect them to.


And when you’re booked, you’ll be asked for these things by almost every podcast host:

Send me your bio. I was just sent two bios in the last two weeks. Well, both of their bios came as if they were writing it first person like they were writing an essay for English class. 

But when you submit a bio, and I’m going to put in the show notes today, how to write a better bio. That is not boring, because nobody nobody really wants to know your alphabet soup of certifications. Because they mean nothing. When you say certified by ACE and NSCA and I SSA and bla bla bla bla bla, it just sounds like what, what did she say? Right? So if you’re going to put something in that important or prestigious spell it out.

If It’s Fun for You, It’s Probably More Fun for Listeners


So, people always learn better when they’re laughing and smiling. 

Think about that. So then you’ll be asked questions that you want the host to ask you. Now that doesn’t mean they’re going to use those but that gives based on the topic that you’re suggesting that you’re talking on. 

Create a list of 15 or 20 different questions depending on which topic we’re really going to dive deep into and be able to pull that out and have to rewrite them every single time. Then you want to, they’re always going to ask where’s the best place for listeners to contact you. Choose one place. Because people given multiple choices will do nothing. 

So make it easy to remember your website by using a Pretty Link.


“So if the timing is right and our program is open, here’s the link. And by the way, if you miss it, don’t worry about that. That link will still take you to something you can do right away. While you’re waiting for the program to open. We’ve got a good second best for anyone who wants this information specifically.”

So make sure that you’re also prepared and the podcast platform is something you’re familiar with. 


Follow any of the instructions that generally you will be given. 

Talking Points. Let’s talk about that. So you want to be a good guest and you do that by going back in studying all Oprah shows. Right? So when she has guests on what happens? There’s talk back and forth. 

A sound bites might be something like let me tell you about one of the key concepts of flipping 50 Number one of our 10 tenants is restore before more.


This podcast for instance, She Means Fitness Business and, Flipping 50 has been there for more than eight years. She Means Fitness Business by other names, but nine years, we probably covered almost every topic. 


Offer to create an affiliate link for your host. So I would create that pretty link for you to send during the show notes if I were the affiliate to the guest and I would send that in provide that for my host and then I would know everyone who comes through with that Pretty Link, I need to compensate and you make those arrangements in advance. 

Due Diligence!

So we started talking about your homework so do your homework, listen to the podcast know what’s been on there before. 

Write your bio and do it in third person so someone else could read it in you before you turn it over. Read it out loud.

Make sure you have your questions already prepared, and so that your guests can read them 

Have the links that you want to send people to one link on your website, and then your social media links

Be on time and be sure to tell the host if you have a hard stop that is sooner than the end of the appointment. 

Then always welcome is a thank you afterward.

Most of all though a host expects you to share the podcast with your audience. 

If you have a small audience be sure that you’re beginning by reaching out to hosts with similar sized audiences. You’ll grow together. 

Ready to be a podcast guest?

Pitch yourself by responding here or reaching out in the contacts. I will do a coaching session with you if you’d like to review your business instead of talking about your niche and your success. 

OR… rather be coached on a business topic you want help with? 

reach out to us! 


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