A Picture – that your customer identifies with – is worth 1000 __________

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A Picture A Post

It’s a good rule of thumb if you want to boost your social media success. There’s no where that’s not true. Even Twitter that was once 140 characters and hashtag love is all about images.

What if your pictures are repelling your target customer?

What if you’re older adult never sees the image of themselves they believe to be true? What if they never see an image that inspires them to come and meet you?

What if – shocker, sit down: they are not inspired by your image of dumbbells? Or red weight benches? Or a line of impressive metal … cardio equipment?

Some of those images I know are website attacks on my part and apologies if you are guilty. But truly, trying to help – take them off! Replace with an image your mother or your grandmother would ooh and ah about. Or one that would make them giggle. That’s easier right? Imagine mom or grandma and if that’s a target solve the problem.

That’s not the only place we go wrong on social media. It’s what we do or say with an image. What do you add? or neglect to add? What do you say in comments that gets the results you want?

If you’re sinking in deep water here without responses that are working….to grow your page likes and your engagement … and customer base (read: paying money customers) then connect with me here.

One two-hour workshop will change your engagement on Facebook. If you want to:

  • stop random acts of posting that get random results
  • get a plan for creating eye-candy your visitors- who become fans- will love
  • increase the amount of shares you get to likely new customers interested in what you do
  • you think you don’t have time
  • you’re procrastinating knowing you’re getting further behind on social

Then skip dinner out this week and spend the $39 on the workshop. You’ll not just listen and learn. You’re going to “do” so that you can get feedback and start some habits and have examples -of your own- to refer to after the workshop. You’ll get some likes from others on the call and shares if you have a similar market in a non-competing location.

Find the details to register at the top of the checkout. Details for the Webinar Link and how to prepare come to you once you’re “in.”


P.S. Questions? Listening.

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