Persuasive Personal Training Sales

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Whether we realize it or not we all make decisions on what to buy, when to buy and how to buy in a process. Quickly or slowly it happens. In a prospective customer’s mind they are weighing the reasons “why you.”


So help them. Make a list of ten reasons why YOU when there are other choices for a client in their exercise options, in their personal trainer…why are YOU the answer?











Look back at that list…is it anything that someone else could say? Then dump that item and make it better, more clear, and more about your unique features.

Did you say you were going to hold the client accountable? Did you say you were going to get them better results than exercising on their own? I can do that too and so can another 99 trainers standing behind me, so make it more unique with specific arguments that define YOU!

You’ll keep them more accountable…because as a part of your service you_______________________ (something that is over and above and unique).

You’ll get them better results than exercising alone …based on _______________________ (back it up with a study that shows intensity, weight lifted, results etc are better when someone was supervised than not- in short, do your homework and show them that you will when you are training them too.

Go to work filling out your ten reasons, revisit them if they are boring or generic to personal training, and then support each of them with evidence (a research study, testimonials from clients, a story or anecdote). So that you at the end of writing this list and fleshing out all the details have conviction yourself about why! When you do, they will.


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