Persuade Your Personal Training Clients with Depth

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If you read the most recent blog….you did your homework on defining exactly why YOU; why a prospective client should work with you …when there are so many choices available to him, or they might choose to exercise on their own.

Think of this as part II! Why your business? If you are an independent trainer operating as an independent contractor within several businesses you should do this for each of them. Clients are referred to you by that business, or by friends or family at that business so you do owe it to them to define your relationship with them and identify why you can help them there and how. Even if you operate as yourself in a small operation out of your home or going from home to home and use your name rather than a business title, you are a sole proprietor; you are the business. Step back and take a look at who you are and your mission statement; how do you do things differently than the big box options?

By now you’ve guessed…if you are going to persuade a customer they also need to decide on some level WHY YOUR BUSINESS? They have options….right across the street in some cases there’s another fitness business, or there’s the dvd, or the streaming yoga classes or there’s the online coaching programs…WHY YOUR BUSINESS?











What might you say? After all this can be a little less personal than defining or defending why you specifically are “it” for them. Exactly the point! After you do the homework you’ll know much more about your business too- even when you own it, originated it, you may not have defined your mission statement or looked back on successes you have had with clients, just who your followers and clients are…

For our business any of our trainers can say that we’ve been in business in the same town for 33 years this year. We have a track record; we’re not going anywhere. We have consistent growth; we’ve grown in the last 12 years from one location to two, to three to a new and better building for one of three, then two of three…you get the idea.

Look at the requirements for the personal training staff…are they tougher than the norm? Tell your customer that the staff is more educated and credible. If you get stuck and you’re not the owner, talk to the owner or general manager; they’ll be glad to help and impressed that you care enough to do the homework to promote!

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