Persuade Personal Training Prospects to DO IT NOW!

 In Selling a Prospect

Everyone shops. Everyone occasionally shops and then wants to mull it over after they get the facts.

Decisions on personal training services can be tricky and layered. They first have to decide to exercise. They have to decide to get help to get results. They have to decide if YOU are the answer or keep looking, if YOUR BUSINESS is the answer or keep looking, and then they have to decide NOW is the time instead of …thinking about it some more, or possibly shopping your competitors more.

So give them a reason why now. In fact…you’ve guessed it if you read the last two posts…give them 10 reasons why now!

And create arguments for getting started now for each one of them. Johnny Carson and David Letterman’s Top Ten lists are funny when they are just a one-liner. You’re not trying to get a laugh though, you’re trying to get a customer and get them results and quality of life.












So the “marketing game” is getting harder here. Ten may be tough. Though the first few will roll out easily, you may find it hard to complete the list. That, my friend, is a clue. There aren’t enough reasons for them to start now- so you are losing a lot of sales if you are trying to create business. (When you just let interested people call and come in without reaching OUT to them….your closing percent is going to be high! But if you market and see a lot more people, it will go down even though your overall business will go UP!)

Research on disease developing can help you. While someone is thinking about it or spending time on the golf course or bowling…disease marches on. Bones lose density…think about who your customer is and do homework on the science. Use testimonials…..I’ve had several people say they have a regret about personal training- and that is that they didn’t start it sooner. Just ask and your clients will tell you the value of your service to them!

More immediately….a special for new members good only today. There’s a reason NOW. A money back, satisfaction guarantee…there’s a reason NOW. A $ off their first NEXT package if they complete the first three sessions within a time frame…no risk so that if they love it they can save on what they’d want to renew anyway! A monthly special- is a WHY NOW. When you see your new members for orientation, or for their complimentary personal training session, share with them the monthly special- good for new clients only.

Or each month…will you promote a “sweetheart of a deal” for Valentine’s Day? A Lucky Leprechaun ….a May Day May Day (only) special. These are ways to increase the reason why NOW.

Get into a prospect’s head. Procrastination just lets them come up with more reasons why it won’t work. It keeps them at the same spot convincing themselves with reasons why it won’t work.

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