Your Personal Training Vocabulary – A or F?

 In professional development


The client did it! They reached their goal for the set. Awesome!

The client has job opportunity that offers big promotion. Awesome!

​Your studio is going to get involved in online training and education programs to support your growth. Awesome!

Your client does the same cardio every day all week … effective and a good plan or watered-down, murky junk miles and minutes?

And you? Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

It’s easy to do. I’m guilty too. The only way to get better …. is focus on getting better.

1. Increase you’re awareness! Catch yourself saying it.

2. Be prepared…you and I know you WILL say it… what will you say instead?

And no…”amazing” is really not that much better. Even – “Congratulations! How does that feel?” is better than “awesome!

Why? Because it doesn’t just judge based on what you think is acknowledges what’s going on in the other person!

“I’m happy for you – you so deserve it.”

Or? You’re a one word, one to three syllable kind of trainer?

What else do you have ? Besides Awesome, amazing, great…. there is an entire dictionary Webster went to all that trouble over.

That’s: unparalleled, over-the-top, beautiful, magical, eloquent, so exciting, fantastic, fabulous, perfectly timed,

You’re: talented, skilled, one-of-a-kind, savvy, accomplished, gifted, graceful, generous

If gaining access to education and continuing education is really something you’re excited about…. “I love that! I’m so grateful!”

WHY is it awesome? Instead of “it’s awesome” …changes the effectiveness and the depth of your exclamation.

You’re “awesome” is now so tired and overused…it means nothing.

You’re one-to-one face-to-face with a customer is so precious. When otherwise during a day do most people have someone’s undivided attention? Don’t waste it on a generic word or phrase.

You’ve got character, charisma, you’re unique…shouldn’t your vocabulary be too?


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