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taking risks

Taking risks are a part of every businesses growth. Fitness and personal training have never been bigger. But are you feeling the growth?

Personal training revenues overall are experiencing huge growth. Yet, that’s collectively over all the personal training businesses everywhere. A huge growth in revenue doesn’t necessarily mean a huge increase in your profit or bank account.

What if you’re a trainer who wants to make more and have more freedom? Freedom of having more time and freedom from having more financial stability.

The message is always the same.

It’s about action.


Most of us are guilty of complaining about not being satisfied with our current situation.

We were that way yesterday. We’re that way today. Unfortunately, we’ll be that way tomorrow.

The ones of us who don’t complain are changing their status.

They’re taking actions.

No one is going to call you up or suddenly walk in the place you work now, see you have way more talent than your current boss or situation recognizes and offer you a sweet position or invest in your great idea.

That just doesn’t happen.

People who are happy with their situation have made it happen.

Taking Risks: Small Steps

If you want to speak you call people who host speaking events. You reach out to THEM. You email, then you call, then you keep following up until you get an answer. When you get an answer that isn’t yes, you look for other ways to make it happen or make it happen later. You don’t stop until someone says no, not now, not ever.

If you want a better job, a promotion, or a position that really doesn’t even exist you propose it. You justify it and ask for it. You do the homework to show how it makes sense and why you.

If you want to train more clients for more money in your own start up business, you have to take action. You’ll need a brand, a positioning strategy, a way to get in front of ideal clients, and a closing conversation that turns them into customers.

There’s an action you have to take. That’s taking risks for many of us. We’d much prefer someone just call us.

But who’s that going to be?

If you live in a large city you’re one in a hundred trainers. If you live in a small rural area you have fewer and fewer prospects who will call you.

You’re going to have to start taking risks. Ask. Ask again. Follow up. Turn the tables and flatter someone else for a change by letting them know how much you’d like to work for them, with them, speak for them.

What do you want? More clients and customers? More leads you can sell? More trainers who do what you do so you can do other tasks no one else can?

More revenue from the same customers?

Do you need to raise your rates?? Or do you simply need to do more volume?

What’s your ideal revenue right now? (it will change!)

What’s your ideal work day? What are you willing to do to earn that revenue?

Define what you want.

Then start taking risks to get there. There is really nothing comfortable about being in your comfort zone.

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