7 Professional Secrets of Personal Training Success

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Personal training success is dependent on a mixture of fitness education, communication skills, and business intelligence. This episode is a round up of six influential fitness professionals.

I’m introducing the career planning optimization series and I’m hosting influential fitness professionals about the business. Each is either a master trainer, or fitness owner, or industry leader in some way who has enjoyed longevity of successful andprofitable business. They share their response to “What do you wish you’d known before you got into personal training?

This episode previews the series of full episodes with each and every one of them where they share their tips for your personal training success.

Earn from their mistakes by applying their tips to invest in your education, coaching, mentoring or hire better for staff members who can cover the bases you can’t or don’t want to do!

Inside this episode you’ll hear from:

Dan Ritchie of Functional Aging Institute, FAI, about the importance of email marketing in personal training success.

Dave Smith, founder of the Online fitness Trainers Federation  about the importance of influencing fewer people in a bigger way for personal training success.

Shawna Kaminski, influential Canadian business owner – midlife women’s fitness specialist, and coach for fitness professionals, shares her 4-step process of vetting a coach and the the value of coaches and mentors.

Forty-year business owner Tom Durkin shares the disappointing reality he faced after adding personal training to his programs and services. It provides insight for personal training success skills you want in order to stand out.

Lisa Dougherty, Medfit Network founder, talks about what she wished she’d known about the population’s changing needs.

Barry Ennis, who has an international presence, a podcast for fit pros and career that will inspire you, discusses his biggest tip for personal training success and a career bigger than you might imagine right now.

Erin Carson, owner and manager of Rallysport in Boulder and ECfitBoulder online training for triathletes and anyone who wants balanced fitness shares her golden secret for personal training success. It’s not another degree, another certification, and it’s available to potentially any trainer.

Then you can tune into all the episodes in this career optimization series or tune into the ones that resonate with you most.

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This episode and series brought to you by the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist, for the menopause fitnesss specialist designation that gets you noticed and hired faster. 

Get your 7 Secrets to Personal Training Success
in your inbox right now, so you’ll have it forever and be able to use it right away. 

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