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It’s Not About You: It’s About Them

If you remember this you’re going to have a lot of fans.

Watch people around you who are leaders and give. Sometimes they do it to the extent that others are left in dismay. They aren’t usually “paid back” and yet, for them, it’s OK. They’re learning what they need to about others by their ability to give back or at least pass it on. They’re also learning about those who don’t step up and give back but continue to receive easily!

If you can be the giver, the one generously and truly about others, without expecting in return you’ll find doors opening for you that otherwise would not.

If you struggle with this, you’ll find doors only open if no one else is there to do the job better. It’s a challenging question to ask yourself. It takes a deep look in the mirror to know who you are. Do you accept willingly? Even ask for things you want, but lack the same graciousness unless someone calls your attention to a need or a place to do it?

It’s easy to say you’re here to serve. Showing it on a daily basis, and not having to report it and get “credit” for it is your best measure of really giving. When you do it because its simply in you and have no need for a reward or recognition, when you sponsor it 100% on your own…. you’re on the right track.

Then there are two benefactors: you and the recipient.

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