Your Personal Training Sales Funnel – Have You Got One?

Do You Know What A Sales Funnel Is?

Not to be cagey or funny, but it is: the most underused, misunderstood and neglected part of your marketing and sales. Unfortunately, that’s the best definition.

Few “marketing managers” use it or help their departments use it effectively. It’s every department for themselves and worse, if you’re double dipping with a marketing manager (or you’re it) who represents a department … you’re saying marketing is NOT the most important part of your business.


No customers, no reach for customers, no specific effort to get the right message in front of the right customer at the right time… no sale. Sure in 2016 some people will fall in your lap. They are the people who are going to exercise with or without you. If not you, someone else.

If you use a sales funnel right it brings you MORE customers who didn’t even know they were looking for YOU. They’re happier they found you, more satisfied working with you, and more likely to tell their friends.

Here are a few ground rules from my friend Jeff Shatwell at Sixth Division (a company that works with Infusionsoft customers) with my comments in blue:

Meet regularly as a team. If you’re a cold calling company or you have staff members cold-calling, you should be meeting at least once a day.  If you’re not, weekly should be enough.  If you’re not sure of what or how to run the sales meetings**, follow this simple and yet effective formula – I remember it by “I Eat Red Meat (IERM).”

  • I = Information.  This can be any information about your company, the market, a competitor, etc.  It’s just info…
  • E = Education.  This is taking a quick moment to teach, train, or develop the team.  If a rep comes up with a new and effective rebuttal, share it.  If the process has changed or evolved, train.  Etc.
  • R = Recognize.  People love to be noticed for doing well.  Keep this short and genuine.
  • M = Motivate.  Always end the meeting on a high.  If you’re running a contest, spiff, or challenge, drive it home.  Make personal challenges and agreements here and keep it super positive.

These sales meetings should not take longer than 7-15 minutes and you’ll want to always keep it positive.  If performance is dragging and you want to address it as a group, schedule a different meeting.

To optimize your sales funnel, start with your people first.  Secondly, address your processes [I refer to these as systems for fitness businesses] because without processes dialed in, messing with your lead sources and/or offers are just shooting blindly in the dark hoping something hits.

Shooting blindly in the dark hoping something hits…

I believe the sales funnel is THE most important funnel of any business.  Often times all of a business’ marketing funnels feed into it.

Here’s what 9.5/10 fitness businesses do: they get an email subscriber (Constant Contact, Aweber, Mailchimp) and send out email blasts to an entire list of people (with different motivations, different ages, different wants and needs) advertising the same services or providing the same article to some young hottie 22 and some old geezer 76. How effective is that? I’d rather go sit at the kids table at Thanksgiving too… but I am not interested in hearing about getting buff and high intensity intervals (have we not killed that dead horse already?) …unless I’ve got it.

Fitness businesses rarely segment lists based on their wants, goals, interests. I don’t know why. It’s too much work? It’s confusing? They don’t have a marketing manager that knows how?

It’s the lifeblood of communicating with your audience. Ya better get this one right. Avoiding admitting you’d just rather shoot blanks than get uncomfortable doing something new.

Secret: successful entrepreneurs do things they don’t like to do every day. It’s called the grind. That’s what it takes.

Today I see so many business owners wasting thousands and tens of thousands of dollars into the latest and greatest marketing strategies that seem to pop up every other day now because their sales funnel is not optimized.  Get your sales funnel right!

If you aren’t connected….programs…to amazing offers that are irresistible to the customer you built them for …to articles and blogs…to social media (yep: last)… you miss opportunity to help others, help yourself, and your own family.

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