Past Fear | Grow Your Personal Training Business in 2020 and 2021

To grow your personal training business in 2020 and in 2021 you’ll have to do things differently than you’ve ever done them. If you’re starting a health coaching or personal training business you may honestly be at an advantage. You’re not trying to fit into a mold that has only marginally been working in the past and that’s forever broken since COVID19 began. You can most clearly evaluate the problems happening now and solve them.

Why would you ever stop yourself from getting what you always say you want? Why would you stop yourself from making the kind of money you want? Why would you ever do that?

But we do.

If you don’t try, you can’t fail.

If you don’t start, you can’t risk the embarrassment or discomfort that comes with not knowing exactly what comes next.

If you wait til you’re 100% ready, you’ll never do anything. I didn’t say it first. To grow your personal training business in 2020 you already know what’s staring you in the face. You weren’t ready for changed that happened. You do have to deal with them, anyway.

You start where you are.

If you find yourself thinking you need one more certification, or maybe you need a degree or another one…

If you think you just need to review this information again…

If those things are always preventing you from doing the things that really get you clients …

Like making phone calls and following up on them…

Like learning how to create better emails and going live on video so you get better by getting comfortable…

Like getting in front of people to speak… in podcasts, on their summits, and again on your own live social media accounts…

If you put things off until an imaginary time when you think you’ll actually have more time…. Your life will be a series of “I’ll be happy when…” “I’ll make time for that when…”

What Will People Think?

No one wants to be judged or criticized. Your mistake though is in thinking that people aren’t judging because you’re not doing something.  They’re always judging.

The point is, their thoughts in the end don’t matter. What matters is the regret or reward that you had doing the thing you wanted to do.

If you are worried about being liked, or popular, or worried about what they’ll think… you’re making it all about you.

It’s about them.

But we do this. We do it when we’re scared, insecure, not feeling safe.

Stop Procrastinating to Grow Your Personal Training Business in 2020

There’s a flip side to this procrastination. And that is… why you get in your way when it’s going well.

When things are going really well and you find you get hurt, or sick, or you refuse to make more progress. Not outwardly, you never say, I’m not going to make progress, but you hit a wall.

What’s that about?

Well, it’s not really a wall at all it’s a ceiling.

When you’re doing really well and you’re gaining momentum, say you’re getting clients, making more money, and suddenly you can’t grow any more, in fact you may have a set back.

What’s that all about?

It’s Got a Name

It’s called Upper Limiting. It’s a definite thing. You have a happiness ceiling. You’re only comfortable being so happy. And after that you keep looking for the other shoe to drop. You ask all the time what’s the worst thing that will happen? In fact you’re looking for the worst thing to happen.

So you think of reasons why you can’t do something. You’re too busy. You’re overwhelmed. You have to figure it out for yourself first (as if you must be perfect before you can share it with others).

You have a long list of “I can’t because…” going on inside your head.

There’s a reason why you can’t start creating your own brand on social media or begin offering classes or create a course. There’s a reason you can’t call someone you know you could help and ask them to be a client.

There’s a reason you won’t get a coach and learn how to create an offer that is irresistible for the customers who love you already.

There’s safety in claiming you’re overwhelmed or in getting ready to get ready. At least you subconsciously think there is.

What you want to do is see it coming.

Every time you are about to grow, do something new that has potential to increase your revenue or your happiness quota, you’ll resist. We all do it. You’ve got to expect it. When you find yourself eating poorly, staying up late, skipping workouts or working out too much… because that’s so comfortable to think if you just look more perfect… that’s self-sabotage… or upper limiting, trying to keep you safe from doing the things you really want to do to grow your business.

Trying to start or grow your personal training business in 2020?

I’d love a comment from you. If you’re a trainer or health coach or want to be… I encourage you to look at the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist… or learn more about the directory of F50F Specialists and where they are if you want to work with someone locally.

Write and mention you’re interested in learning more about how to become (or expand as) a menopause health coach or personal trainer.

The world needs you now more than ever!!

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