Is Passive Revenue Too Good to Be True? Affiliate Marketing

Make money in your jammies, they said. Passive revenue, they said. Are you participating in affiliate marketing yet? or unsure of how to get started?

Have you begun to do any affiliate marketing yet? Affiliate marketing for health & fitness coaches is a natural, especially now! It’s probably easier for you to list the clients who didn’t want to know what they needed for home exercise than to list those that did not ask you.

I’m in the process of reviewing all sources of revenue – something I do before the last quarter of the year to determine what I need to do more of, less of, start or stop in the next year. But now given we’ve all got to do taxes I’m diving deeper into revenue sources outside of my products, services, consulting fees, and speaking fees.

Free and Easy Passive Revenue

Passive revenue is not too good to be true. Every month it’s so nice to have that extra money drop in. It’s not like I have a specific revenue goal, unless I’m helping an affiliate with a specific launch and they are doing it through me and only me. And that’s rare.

Early during the pandemic I rounded up a blog post of all my favorites. I shot video of those items explaining why I liked them, what they were helpful for, and how to use them. Amazon was sending me gift cards (my choice for payment) regularly. I also gained a lot of subscribers by layering the YouTube videos in the blog and pointing from each individual item back to the blog. It was relevant and timely.

passive revenueChoose Affiliate Marketing Partners Wisely

That’s exactly what every one of the affiliate partners I choose is. Skincare you may be thinking, how is that relevant? Well, in my book I talk about hormone disruptors that interfere with fitness efforts. If you’re putting a lot of toxins on and around your body, they’re going to sabotage my audience. So, it’s very relevant. At least for my brand.

If you’re gorgeous or have amazing skin… your people may be asking what you use. That makes it relevant too.

I encourage you to make a list. If you are your demographic, list the things you use on a daily basis. If you are not your ideal customer, then list the things you wish they would use, and need to know. And know, sooner or later someone will ask if you want to partner with them.

I always ask two things before I say yes:

  1. Does spending time doing this take me off my mission?
  2. Is this really something that I know, like, trust and feel good about putting on my site?

My Favorite Things: Affiliate Marketing or Not!

These are just a few but some of my favorite products to share with clients. Everything you see here and I share, I know, love, and trust it before I share. I use it, own it, and or know the program and the company – often the owner has been on the Flipping 50 podcast.

I also share programs that serve my clients:

Remember again that the whole point of sharing anything – including programs with your customers and audience is to HELP THEM! Customers are already trying to crack the code… on something! Hormones, emotional eating, or for you and I Instagram, or YouTube ads, and I don’t do it all. I teach marketing strategy, consistency, and messaging. If you want an expert to teach you how to create an ad or get the best engagement on Instagram you want an expert!

If you work with seniors for instance, you might be sharing senior cell phones, alert buttons, chair lifts, and yes, they are online and if they’re not the sons and daughters seeking solutions for them are.

Start with Amazon?

An easy first step to get started with an Amazon store front as an Amazon affiliate. For me and likely for you when you find yourself answering the same questions over and over, it’s best to create a page. They ask you what scale you use, what weighted vest, what tubing or bands, or if there’s a brand you like.

I share it all on a resources page. Not all things there are affiliate, some are simply things I love and use or am asked about so very often I share them there.

Test Options for Passive Revenue

I also love to share the process I use with clients to get them better results and derive a better program for them. I do DNA test result overviews and lab overviews. It’s important to stay within your scope of practice. I tell clients the purpose is to teach them how results can help them make decisions, help me create specific questions for their health care provider, and what it might mean for exercise based on other clients results and examples.

Things That Didn’t Work or I Said No

Even passive income shouldn’t make you compromise your mission. There have definitely been some failed items sent to me to try that either weren’t successful or weren’t something I could even speak positively about. My agreement with a company is always to offer negative feedback to them and positive feedback if it’s right for me to promote.

Some of those products include: a lower back support, a painful pair of sandals, an equally painful pressure point mat.

Lesson Learned

The biggest lesson I learned and I’ll pass on to you is that if you’re not sure, I’d pass. The lack of authenticity if you don’t love it, will deem it ineffective. And it takes time to vet those things. So I would definitely pass if you aren’t going to promote it a lot or you don’t love it.

If you want to go and look at some of your affiliate marketing options, you can also start at an affiliate center – it’s like a hub for affiliates. Some of your favorites and mine like Power Systems, Perform Better, and Road Runner or JumpSportfor instance use the platform to operate their affiliate programs.

5 Easy Organic Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing Now You’ll Love 

  • Add a resources page to your website
  • Create gift guides for specific holidays
  • Create a top 5 list cheat sheet
  • Insert a link or image into a relevant blog
  • Link to items in recipes or workouts

Sure it can really be passive revenue and it will be less than if you put a little thought into it. But overall, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to bring a lot of good to your customers and to your business.

Some months I have a few hundred and others it’s a few thousand extra dollars to the bottom line. Like anything you do want to plan your promotions to make the most of it. In the mastermind group we’re running this year, I’m sharing exactly the things I use, especially the ones that help my clients solve problems they’re asking me about.

Your Own Affiliate Program Creating Passive Income for Others

The flip side of affiliate marketing for someone else is creating your own affiliate marketing program. Do you sell a program or package that you can afford to gift a percentage of to a partner? Consider if you had to advertise for that customer what the cost would have been and that if the referral comes from a friend it’s likely to be a great customer.

Don’t give your time away however. A small percent is given if you’re giving away your time coaching or training. On digital programs the percentage is usually 40-50%, or sometimes a flat fee. You may not yet be ready but think about who you would partner with if you were. Start building relationships now.

Learn more about getting started in the Mastermind at one of 3 levels while this crazy perfect storm is yours.


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