Your Passion Should Be Obvious – It’s Not Waiting To Be Discovered

When There Is A Cause You Care About: Show It

Whatever you begin, continue. Commit to a volunteer opportunity for long enough to make a difference. Only commit if its something you care passionately about.

If you have a reason to care deeply about cancer or cancer patients during treatment, then commit to it. No one is “passionate” about something part time for a little while. Don’t take lightly your participation and then fizzle and fade.

It happens easily. You have an opportunity – meaning someone asks you – and you feel either that you need to take it/have to say yes, or you think this will be fun and a good way to create a niche.

That’s not the best way to make it happen. If it’s a deep passion and niche-worthy (enough people, seeking a solution, with nothing better or unsatisfactory choices) then its worth you consciously deciding and going to find. Very rarely do opportunities you’ll stick with find you. It takes time and years into your career and it’s based on your building a consistent track record and positive feedback.

If you’re not happy, thriving, and satisfied in your own community after years in business you either know already or need to ask why. Have you been an asset or a liability? Do people speak highly of you or are they afraid of working with you? Do they think they know the outcome of working with you is going to be negative or positive?

If you know your passion… choose it. Then do everything you can to create events, presentations, promote awareness, and increase the programs available. Think long term, like any diet a client will start. Will you do it forever? Is it sustainable?

Then take charge. Don’t create a brochure and leave them out at businesses expecting someone to promote for you. That’s not passion. Passion is inability to keep what you’re doing a secret, wanting to tell everyone, here’s how I can help. 

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