Do you Pass or Fail the Black Marker Test?

 In Marketing

Are You Selling Yourself or the Competition?

If all you’ve got is a facility that makes you unique, you’re in for a lot of competition in the future. So you have 102 classes a week. Are they all directed at the one customer that is reading that ad?


So what words that you’re using are evoking emotion in a customer?

102 classes a week. Degreed and certified trainers. Private fitness studios. Guaranteed results.

Any of those things could be said by someone else – if of course true. They are features. YOUR features.

Any emotion evoked?


So when it comes down to it, of those 102 classes, I can only fit in 24 to my schedule. I can only physically do 5 and I’m only interested in 2.

So big guy, you’re no better than the little guy.

If you’re a little facility… you have a chance. A really good chance, of being the specialist at exactly what you do every day all day. Write about that. Put emotions into your copy and find a way to be the ONE … so a customer searching won’t settle for anyone else.

The Black Marker test...cover up your logo and business name and see if you can pass. Is there something that points to you and only you? Or just words that any old fitness business or trainer could use?


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