How to Overdeliver vs. Overwhelm with Your Fitness Programs

Do you know how to overdeliver vs. overwhelm?

It’s so tempting to give them more … you know so much that can help them.

But what happens when we’re overwhelmed? We don’t know where to start.

A confused mind does nothing.

Even if you feel like No! I’ve given them everything step-by-step… the workouts, the nutrition, the details on recipes and food prep, importance of sleep, and hydration, and how to warm up and cool down…

Do you see it? For a newbie to exercise… or a newbie to your method… it’s too much.

And the contents… they’ll say “I just wanted to workout!”

Everything They Want is Online for Free

Remember where they came from. Were they on YouTube? Click a video and there it is, they can workout. Now, it’s random, we know… but that doesn’t matter in the context of this conversation.

AThey may be all too tempted to NOT do the program they’ve purchased or opted in for, because they first have to read a bunch of material, they aren’t use to logging in, they don’t know what weights to use… (even though its right there), they don’t know if you want them to exercise fasted or fed based on their hormones (If you don’t know with certainty click here!)

Make sure that your program is very different than random information, or overstimulation. That is, you can’t give a catalog of topics and bits and pieces of each of them. Give one or two small steps clearly. Let your customer be successful. Then do step two. The reason they buy when it is there free is they want it step-by-step and clear.

More isn’t better.

Now you:

  • What are your programs doing?
  • What are your posts doing?

How to overdeliver:

  • Focus on one small piece of information
  • Go deep with the information you give
  • Give tangible take-aways easy to implement

How to overwhelm:

  • Give a ton of information at once
  • Go broad and give different information
  • Convince someone they were right: it’s too hard and time consuming

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